San Diego & Escondido Pest Removal Services

Pro Pacific Pest Control serves San Diego, Escondido, Riverside, & Orange County with effective pest control & bee removal techniques - Free Estimates!

Our expertly trained and experienced pest control exterminators are equipped to control and treat ants, cockroaches, and other insects at your home, office, or other type of structure.

We also remove rats, mice, gophers, and other rodents and help keep pigeons and other birds away from your property.

By offering our valued clients exceptional customer service at affordable pricing, Pro Pacific Pest Control has earned a reputation as a trusted, dependable, and established company that serves San Diego County, Riverside County, and Orange County.

We are a local, family-run company you can trust to do your pest control job right the first time, or your money back!

San Diego Pest Control Exterminator Services

Pro Pacific Pest Control provides the following pest control services:

Pest Control Exterminator San Diego Offers Rodent Control and Exclusion ServicesPro Pacific Pest Control Offers Bird Exclusion Services Pro Pacific Pest Control Exterminator San Diego Offers Residential Pest Control ServicesPro Pacific Pest Control Offers Commercial Pest Control Services

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Infestation is coming…

GoT Infestations


Summer is on the way, and with warmer weather, that means more picnics, more outings, more outdoor activities, and MORE BUGS!


Many bugs come out of their self-imposed “hibernation” in flourish in the warmer temperatures.


Already this year, we’ve seen a large up-tick in pest activity! From pantry pests to rats to wasps to bed bugs, pests are letting their presence be known — in fact, we’ve even had to deal with an opossum or two!


Just like humans, insects and rodents LOVE warmer weather… and they ALSO love a cozy locale to hang their metaphorical hat. Unfortunately, they usually end up in OUR homes as a result (after all, don’t we spend a lot of time and money making our homes as cozy as can be).


We’ve talked at length about Do it Yourself ways to prevent pest infestation, but the BEST way is to call a professional!


After all, we’ve take an oath to protect you, your family, and your home from ALL the pests that plague the realms of men!


Bugs Watch

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