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Five Facts About Wasps and How to Deal

Wasps giving you a “summer buzz” (NOT the good kind)? Can you “not even” right now because of a wasp invasion? We’ve got 5 “did you know?” facts about wasps that may keep your summer a little more sane… and, hopefully, a lot LESS “sting-y.”

1. Orange Crush soda acts as a great bait for wasps… but doesn’t serve to eliminate the problem. 

  • There’s a reason you should never leave soda cans left open and unattended at picnics… wasps LOVE any sweet liquid and most soft drinks act as a wasp magnet! Some people will suggest using soft drinks as bait, but really, it just increases the wasp activity and doesn’t REALLY solve your problem AT ALL!

2. Wasp traps DO (sort of) work.

  • Whether you buy a wasp trap from Home Depot or build your own homemade trap, they can stop wasps from sharing your picnic… but they don’t kill the colony. Wasp traps may be a good short term solution (if you’re having a small BBQ for an hour or so), but they don’t really solve the full problem! Expect wasps to be back in full force in no time if this is your ONLY remedy tried!

3. Wasps don’t fly if it’s dark. 

  • Maybe you should shift that afternoon picnic to a nighttime BBQ... Wasps can’t see in the dark, which limits their activity (surprise, surprise!)

4. Fire = Bad

  • True, fire DOES kills wasps (and their nests), but you don’t want to burn YOUR house down along with theirs.

5. If the nest isn’t bugging you, leave it alone.

  • What’s the best way to get stung? By poking a nest, of course! It may seem like a good idea to start swinging that broom or stick at a nest to knock down a wasp nest, but wasps — just like people — tend get VERY upset when someone damages their home! (BONUS TIP: Wasps don’t reuse nests, so IF you can avoid the area for that long, the wasps will be dead by winter).

Wasps can be difficult to deal with, and they pop up very quickly. The best solution to keep them from taking over is to have an ongoing pest service. At Pro Pacific Pest Control, our technicians remove any wasp nests around the home, and apply treatment to prevent wasps (and other pests) from returning. Our monthly maintenance program offers the greatest protection against recurring pests, but we have a variety of plans and frequencies to fit practically any budget!


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