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A Treat for Your Sweet… with Feet?!?


As most of us are aware, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Some of us have already made preparations, booked reservations, purchased thoughtful gifts, etc. Others of us prefer to wait for that last minute “inspiration” to strike.

Crafty bugger!

So what sort of gift should you get for your significant other? A bouquet of flowers is a reliable staple. Some people may opt for romantic dinners or getaways. There are countless “Top Ten” lists for the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift.

But what if you gave your partner something a little more… “exotic?”

"You've got me all a-buzz, my dear!"

“You’ve got me all a-buzz, my dear!”

No, we’re not talking about “risque” garments… but a company IS looking to put the “sex” back in “insect” (but to be honest, was it ever really there to begin with?)

Insect Valentine's Card - courtesy

Sometimes, Silence is Golden


With smooth, sleek packaging, the Belgian company, SexyFood, offers up treats like “yellow scorpion” (which the website purports acts as an aphrodisiac), chocolate covered super worms (which “will definitely make you melt with great pleasure”) and rhino beetles (which will “awaken your palate”), as well as a host of others. The treats run from 5.25 Euros (approx $5.94 USD) to 26.88 (or $30.40 USD) for their 4-can “pack sauvage.” According to the website, all orders over 35 Euros receive free shipping.

Sexy Food has redesigned packaging in order to make eating insects more appealing. Their concept page states, “Each and every single SexyFood’s products are a unique experience to be shared.”

“The only most valuable thing we all have, rather we are rich or poor, happy or sad, are the memories,” the website continues. “Little by little, throughout our adventures, we create and store those memories. They help us making us who we are and our own history. But their importance is even greater if they are shared either with the people we care about.”

Yellow Scorpion – Love until it hurts!

And that is the company’s focus: the experience. A look at the website shows that the presence of bugs is downplayed in their description and their packaging. Instead, they have targeted the “experience.” An “adventure” to be had with close friends or loved ones…. Though the adventure may turn into a daily occurrence, if a recent study by the UN is to be believed.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization released a study stating that the world as a whole needed to look toward incorporating a more insect-heavy diet in order to maintain a food supply for an ever-swelling population. Estimates predict that by 2050 the population will have reached 9 billion people on earth and food production will need to double its current numbers in order to sustain that population.

SexyFood isn’t the only company attempting at repackaging insects as a food source. Cricket protein bars, a bug filled bento box (known as the “Ento Box“) and even potato-chip alternative (known as “Chirps“) have all hit the market.

courtesy thinkgeek -

There’s more than one way to chocolate-ize a bug!

ThinkGeek has a chocolate-covered-insects product for sale and we even talked about the Audubon’s Insectarium’s “Hoppy-Thanksgiving” event in New Orleans in our Thanksgiving blog.

So is SexyFood the answer to making the transition into adding bugs to a diet? Is it an adventurous experience of a lifetime? Or just a novelty Valentine’s Day gift? One thing is for certain: it’s DEFINITELY something that you and your partner would be talking about for years to come…

Would you try it? Would you give it as a Valentine’s present (or even as a gag-gift — no pun intended)? How would you react if someone gave it to you as a gift? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram — hashtag: #PPPC!

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