Are Foreclosed Homes Causing Pest Problems?

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An ideal nesting spot for pests is an enclosed space that offers a nearby food source and has low foot traffic. You may consider these conditions all in one place a rarity but this type of environment commonly exists within residential neighborhoods and densely populated areas. They are typically referred to as foreclosed homes or abandoned properties – Yes; these are a pest’s paradise.

Pest problems within a foreclosed home can significantly increase the risk of pest infestations to adjacent properties. The pest population can outgrow the abandoned house and begin to overflow to other homes in the neighborhood.

Common Pest Infestations In Foreclosed Homes

Mosquitoes breed in pools and bird baths that have stagnant water from the lack of cleaning and rainfall. Rodents use unoccupied structures to nest and hide during the day, then travel to neighboring properties for food at night. Eventually the rodent population will become too large and will be forced to seek shelter elsewhere – possibly your home.

If conditions are right, honeybees will invade any home. It is possible to have a hive of thousands of bees neighboring your house. Be cautious of beehives and nests of other stinging insects during spring and summer months since this is when they are most active. The slightest noises or motions can disturb the nearby colonies.

Ticks can thrive in lawns that are unmaintained and contain high grass and overgrown weeds. Rodents or pets that run through these lawns are subject to become a host for these parasitic creatures, thus indirectly spreading them to your home. Keep your pets away from lawns that are not groomed.

Defend Your Home From Neighboring Pests

If a home near you is not maintained, you should contact the property owner. For foreclosed homes, the party responsible for the property is often banks or managing real estate companies. If no action is taken by the party you contacted, advise the municipal animal control services.

In the meantime, get regular pest control treatments to provide a preventative barrier protection around your property. Most pests will be unable to migrate into your home with bi-monthly treatments.

Applying weather stripping to doors and pest repellent screens to vents and windows is a great preventative measure to keep pests away. Also, seal any exterior hole the size of a quarter or larger on your home with gnaw-proof materials, including steel sheeting, hardware cloth, galvanized steel and concrete.

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