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If you are a regular customer of Pro Pacific Pest Control, you know that most of your routine pest issues are covered as part of the bi-monthly service calls. However, those regular service appointments do not cover all pest-related issues. From time to time, you may have a problem with bees, mice, rats, or other pests that need attention, but are not covered with a regular pest control service.

Pro Pacific offers a variety of specialized pest control services which are designed to keep you, your family, and your property free from pests of all kinds. Give us a call at 1-800-PEST-CONTROL to find out more about the specific pest control services we provide.

Got Bees? Pro Pacific Can Help

At this time of year, the most common pests our regular pest control service clients need help with are swarms of honeybees. Aggressive bees come to life in spring and summer after spending the colder and wetter winter months lying low. When the temperatures outside start to rise and flowers bloom to be pollinated, millions of bees head out looking for places to build hives. That place may be your house, such as inside the roof, the walls or ceiling, or the eves.

A bee hive can grow quickly and undetected and cause serious damage to your home’s structure. Swarms of several thousand bees can produce several pounds of honey and honeycomb inside your home in just a few short weeks.

We Remove Honeycomb

When the bees are removed, the honeycomb must also be taken out, or else other bees, wax months, ants, and even rodents such as mice and rats will be attracted by the smell of honey and come looking for a snack.

Abandoned honeycomb that is not properly removed from a structure will start to melt in warmer temperatures, causing honey to drip down and stain your walls and ceiling. Melted honeycomb stains can be very difficult to completely remove.

Also, swarming bees may pose a threat to public safety by stinging people and you as a property owner may be liable for any injuries caused by bees coming from your negligently maintained property.

At Pro Pacific, our certified bee removal technicians are trained to properly remove bees and honeycomb and treat the area to reduce the risks that bees or other pests will return in the future. If not treated properly, bees can be a major and costly headache. Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal to have the job done right, the first time, or your money back!

Other Additional Pest Control Services

Other additional pest control treatments Pro Pacific provides include:

  • Fleas inside the house
  • Cockroaches
  • Rat and Mice bait stations
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