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Classes are in full swing and so are the pest infestations in San Diego & Riverside. The summer heat has continued on into early September creating an ideal living environment for bugs. Communal housing that most college students reside in is highly susceptible to problems with bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and rodents.

Untidy (often unsanitary) rooms and used furnishings are a common cause of pest problems in San Diego and Riverside.  Most of the furniture for dormitories, apartments, and rental homes for college students is from yard sales, hand-me-downs, Craigslist, and thrift shops. Used furniture will often be found at a great price but can result in unforeseen problems.

Bed bugs and fleas can infest furniture and go unnoticed since they generally come out at night or during inactivity. The seller of the used couch may have had the furniture in storage or may not have noticed the pests. But you have one duty before bringing in used furniture into your home: Inspect Furnishings Thoroughly!

Steam clean and wash upholstery & coverings if possible to guarantee a pest-free piece of furniture. The same precautions used for furniture apply to used clothing, textiles, or mattresses.

But your couch is not the only culprit to bug problems; the pests may have already been inside the structure. Hotels, apartments, dorms share walls so if one unit is experiencing pests, the others are as well. Before settling in, ask the building management about their procedure on pest control applications. Then, look for signs of pests or rodents infestations inside your unit.

Rodents leave tracks, tail trails, and grease marks along baseboards and walls. Also look for droppings and gnaw marks on woodwork and cabinets. Other pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and earwigs have distinctive signs that affirm their presence.  Roaches leave tiny fecal droppings usually under sinks or other hidden areas. Ants will let their presence be known with long trails to nearby food and water sources. Spiders will have cobwebs usually in room corners.

An effective method to inspect for bed bugs in furniture is to use an LED flashlight. Search baseboards behind pictures and walls, and between bed seams or couch cushions.

And last but not least, house cleaning will help maintain a pest-free environment and prevent attracting unwanted pests. Food crumbs and liquid spills on counter or floors should be cleaned daily. Disinfectant wipes and handheld vacuums are convenient cleaning devices that may encourage better cleaning habits. Put foods in sealed containers and hang up wet towels. All trash cans need a secure lid so food scents are not emitted.

Pest control is a must for any living space. The simplest actions will keep pests out of your property so you can focus on your studies. Let the professionals take care of the pest problems so you can hit the books.

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