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Effective Flea Trap For DIY Pest Control - Get Rid of Fleas In Carpet & PetsFleas, fleas the prolific pest, the longer you wait, the more they’ll infest…or something like that.

Although, this is a silly jingle, there is some truth to be found about treatment for fleas. The reproduction rate of this nuisance pest is shocking; a few of these bugs can turn into thousands within two months if untreated. It’s best to take action sooner than later, so the infestation doesn’t become too difficult to resolve. Also, don’t assume these bugs will go away on their own, in most mild climate regions, there is no offseason – problems can occur year-round.

Fortunately, there are some effective techniques you can apply to get rid of fleas and prevent them from returning.

Identify The Source – It is common for pets to bring this insect indoors. This is a good place to start since fleas can easily latch on to your pets while they are outdoors. Part your pet’s fur in different areas and look for excessive scratch marks or droppings, also known as “flea dirt”. Flea combs help spot these elusive insects. If you find no evidence on your pet, search carpeted areas for similar symptoms.

Vacuum Carpeted Areas Thoroughly – These bugs prefer dark, hidden spots, so your carpet is an ideal location for nesting. Go over all carpeted areas several times to ensure you collect a majority of the population. Once you are finished vacuuming, remove and seal the bag and throw out – do not reuse.

Set Up Flea Traps – In combination with your other flea control efforts, traps can be an effective tool in removing your unwanted pest problem. Fleas are lured to the trap by the light and heat that is hovered over an adhesive sheet. As they jump toward the light, they will land on the glue and remain trapped. Flea traps are an excellent supplementary product to reduce the flea population.

Target The Eggs – You may have eliminated the adult, but they probably have laid plenty of eggs. To ensure these eggs don’t hatch and recreate your problem, use an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) spray on pets, pet bedding, carpet and furniture.  The spray inhibits development thus making it impossible for the eggs to hatch and continuing to keep your home flea-free.

Wash Pets Regularly – Animals are susceptible to hosting fleas every time they set paw outside. Bathing your pet with flea shampoo will kill the parasites. Flea collars are also recommended.

Clean Or Remove Pet Bedding – Without completing this step, your infestation could return. Wash all sheets or covers in hot water before allowing your pet to lie on the bedding. If the cushion is too bulky, it may be best to throw out and replace.

Flea control can be a tedious task but when done correctly, it will alleviate the stress and headaches that come along with an annoying pest infestation like this. Remember, to start treatment soon after you discover you have a problem – it will save you time and money.

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