Common Household Items That Help Get Rid Of Ants – Organic Method

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Trails and trails of ants can line countertops, floors, bathtubs etc. at the most unsuspecting times. Identifying the attractant that caused their abrupt appearance can be baffling and usually misdiagnosed. But the focus of this article is to not help you detect what’s causing your tiny insect dilemma, but give you the ingredients to resolve the problem – using common household goods.

Scour no further for how to combat the perseverance of an endless ant trail; you can accomplish this feat with some items you probably have sitting in your pantry now.

Disclaimer: This method works for most ant infestations. Severe infestations should be examined by a pest management professional (such as ourselves 😉 ) and treated accordingly. Professional pest control service is the only way to eliminate persistent pest problems.

Despite what you have heard (or read), combining corn starch and cinnamon to help with deterring invading ants. A few months ago we suggested this technique on the Pro Pacific Pest Twitter and received a reply back of success. Here’s proof if you don’t believe this testimony.

Proof That It Works:

Twitter Successful Ant Treatment




How It Works

To effectively implement these cooking ingredients and spices in your pest control plan, you must know how each item plays into the process.

Cinnamon is used as a barricade.  Ants are sensitive to scents and the strong odor that cinnamon releases is too much for the nuisance bugs. So you will use the cinnamon to contain the ants and limit their journey.

Corn starch is your catalyst. The ants will carry small portions of the corn starch back to the nest to feed the colony. Ants cannot digest the starch and it will eventually kill them.

Proper Steps To Eliminate the Ants

Step 1 – Identify the Entry Point

Follow the ant trail back to where they are entering your home. You will eventually want to seal up the entry points after you seeing no more ants.

Step 2 – Create A Barricade Of Cinnamon

Use the cinnamon like a wall or fence to keep the ants trapped within a small vicinity. For example, if ants are entering through a crack through a window, sprinkle the cinnamon along the sill or on the ground near the window where they are travelling. Make sure that it encloses their path and there is no route to get around.

Step 3 – Apply The Corn Starch

Place the corn starch in the vicinity where you trapped them. Do not pour mounds of the starch but a hefty portion to supply enough for the entire colony.

Step 4 – Observe & Repeat

Over the next few days, examine the progress of your plan. You should see a gradual decline in ants within a couple of days. If you see progress, continue applying the corn starch and cinnamon as needed.

Remember, severe infestations will require more than a couple of spices and ingredients to eradicate the ants in your home. Professional pest service is recommended for severe or unresolved ant problems.

Please leave your comments below on your success stories using organic techniques or household goods. Good Luck!

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