Exterminators of San Diego County – Top Five Pests For 2011

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Pests can be found almost anywhere and some are easier to control than others in San Diego County. Every year a single pest is flashed in the headlines because of the numerous reports of property invasions across the nation. This past year bed bugs were in the limelight as the pest that will most likely terrorize your home and have you calling your local exterminator.

This year you can prepare for the next menacing pests by contacting a pest control professional about these five pests that are expected to be plentiful in 2011. Here is the list:

#5 Cockroaches – This creepy critter is expected to be a nuisance because of its rapid reproduction.  A female cockroach can lay up to 50 eggs at a time. You should take care of the roaches immediately after you discover them, as they carry tons of bacteria and have caused respiratory problems in children. Consider roach control today!

#4 Fleas – This pest has been added to the list because of its recent ability to overcome current pesticides on the market. Applied products are not hindering flea reproduction. Now you can find fleas not just in homes with pets. Any place that this pesky insect can feed on a warm-blooded host is a suitable living environment for them. Bathe your barking companion and vacuum carpets frequently as your flea control plan.

#3 Bed Bugs – This bug’s ability to easily spread via their clever hitchhiking techniques and its immunity to most pesticides has earned itself a place on the list. Bed bugs were a huge problem in 2010, and there is little change predicted in 2011. Since they can hide in the smallest crevices and withstand pesticide treatments, traditional pest control has no effect on the blood-sucking pest. Heat treatments by a bed bug exterminator have proven most effective against bed bugs.

#2 Termites – Each year termites wreak havoc to residential homes in the U.S. causing more than $5 billion in property damage giving them the #2 spot on the list. The population of termites does not seem to be shrinking and more homes are being affected. An invasion can occur year round, so frequent inspections around your home to check for their presence and a effective preventative control system is encouraged to keep these bugs away.

#1 Ants – Their size is small, but their infestations are huge!  With more than 700 different species of this biter and the #1 culprit for homeowners to contact a pest control company, we present number one position to ants! Ant infestation are difficult to control since each scenario must be treated differently. A professional ant control plan is your best bet to getting rid of these bugs.

Pro Pacific Pest Control has a plan to keep these pests from ever stepping foot in your door. Quality pest control for San Diego County and southwest Riverside residents is here. Get all your pest control and extermination needs from Pro Pacific Pest Control.

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