Five Fast Facts – Rodent Awareness Week Edition

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As you’re aware, It’s Rodent Awareness Week!

(well, you SHOULD know it is if you’ve been following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!)

To celebrate that fact, we’ve decided to change the focus of this week’s Five Fast Facts from Bees to RODENTS! Try to not be TOO creeped out (they can certainly send shivers up the spine) but don’t worry if you do, just consider that scared gut-feeling “pre-gaming” for Halloween!


FACT #1 –  Rodents LIKE water, but not all of them NEED it.

Tiia Monto [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Most mice will congregate near sources of water when nesting—  which makes it important to check for any unwanted sources of water around your home — but they don’t necessarily NEED to drink from that source. Many types of mice are able to get all the hydration they need from the foods in their diet.


FACT #2 – Not all rodents are small!

“Wahington ZOO capybara”. Licensed via Wikimedia Commons –

Sorry to add to your #NightmareFuel, but rodents can actually get MUCH LARGER than that tiny mouse scurrying in your attic. Some species of rodent can be as large as a dog! There has even been an outbreak of “cat-sized” rats in the UK this year!

The most largest rodent (and probably the most popular as well) is the capybara, which is native to South America. They can actually be kept as pets! (No thank you!)


FACT #3 – Rodents are hugely social animals




While you won’t necessarily stumble across a bunch of rodents taking duck-faced selfies and Instagramming their latest meal, rodents are a MAJORLY social mammal. They care for their sick/injured, take social cues from each other, and can even become lethargic or depressed when removed from their social group!

FACT #4 – Rodents can chew through most things




If rodents had money, then dentists would be MILLIONAIRES. All rodents have HUGE twin incisors, which grow NONSTOP as long as they are alive. Rodents actually HAVE to chew things in order to keep their teeth filed down to an appropriate length. Their teeth can chew through plastic, metal, and even concrete! No word yet on whether they can get cavities, though…


FACT #5 – Rodents are (ALLEGEDLY) delicious




We’ve all heard urban legends/horror stories about rodents being cooked and served by seedy restaurants and Pixar’s Ratatouille didn’t do much to really endear the idea of a rodent in the kitchen to an international audience.

The fact of the matter is, though, that in some cultures, eating rodents is an important staple in their diet… In fact, we even found an article with “wine pairings” for different rodent-based dishes! Now word on what it tastes like, but we’re guessing it probably tastes “like chicken.” NO WAY we’re brave enough to try it though!


So what do you think? Did you know all five facts already? Ever tried rodent — or WOULD you? Let us know!


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