How German Cockroaches Easily Infest Homes – And Effective Techniques To Stop Them

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A cockroach infestation of any type is usually associated with uncleanliness or clutter in an area within close proximity to a food or water source. All kinds of cockroaches will thrive in these environments making controlling the roach population difficult. German cockroaches are considered one of the most challenging pest infestations to eliminate – even with professional treatment.

The best control technique for any pest problem is prevention. Eliminating the problem before it occurs is always recommended but it’s only effective with proper knowledge of what attracts the nuisance bugs and how they are able to invade structures.

Although small in size, German cockroaches can cover plenty of ground by attaching themselves to deliveries and incoming goods at food processing plants and other warehouse facilities. From there, consumers will unknowingly transport the stealthy pest into their home via purchased products.

Make an effort to ensure groceries and boxed items are sealed. Always do a thorough inspection before bringing used items into a home. Once a German cockroach finds their way into your home, they can scurry to hide deep within wall voids for an inconspicuous living space.

Multi-unit structures are even more susceptible to cockroach problems, because the bugs can access all the apartments or condos through the shared walls. Even meticulous monitoring tactics can be rendered useless in these complexes. Identifying and sealing up cracks and crevices within the unit would be the best measure to keep out roaches in multi-family housing.

Opposite of German roaches are American cockroaches, which generally enter a home through sewer lines or drain pipes. The best prevention method for this type of cockroach is exclusionary techniques. Installing steel screens to drains and windows, plus adding weather stripping to doors can increase your protection from these larger roaches.

Implementing a successful prevention strategy can be done, but must include the following steps.

Identify Potential Entries & Sources – Give your home a thorough inspection to find areas where the bugs can enter. Also, make sure garbage receptacles, recycling bins and dog food containers are secure.

Correct Potential Issues – Once all potential entries and attractants are identified, take necessary action to keep them from allowing pest problems into your home.

Clean & De-clutter All Rooms – Areas where food is cooked, cleaned, or stored should be cleaned thoroughly. Consider cleaning behind kitchen appliances for a deep cleaning. Clothing or loose items on floor should be picked up and stored appropriately to eliminate hiding spots for cockroaches.

Apply Treatment To Targeted Areas – Roach control treatments used to be done by mass distribution of products; now, bait gels are applied to targeted areas that have been identified as the source of the infestation.

Inspect Regularly – Repeat the above steps regularly to ensure that your home is bug-free.


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