How Often Should I Receive Pest Control Service?

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Endless questions arise in a homeowner’s mind when a pest infestation occurs. How did the pesky bugs get in? Will they go away on their own? Can I remove the pests myself? Should I call a pest exterminator? Which pest control service should I get?

We understand…there is lots to ponder to ensure you effectively remove the bug problem while spending the lowest possible price. And we’re here to tell you there is actually a happy medium with effective pest control & pricing. Our regular pest control service keeps bugs away all year at a price you can afford.

The most cost-effective pest control is a bi-monthly pest control service. A pest control technician will provide treatment every other month and thoroughly inspect every corner of your property for potential pest problems. You’re fully protected from pests!

Why the bi-monthly service, you ask?

Well, a one-time treatment is a temporary solution. Sure, we guarantee our one-time pest control services for 30 days, but what about after that? Then, you’re in the same susceptible position as before for trails of ants and a mess of cobwebs & spiders.

After the first few services on the bi-monthly pest control plan, all nuisance pests in your home will be eradicated & a more preventative approach is taken. Our technicians will continue to treat targeted pests & areas but put a heavier emphasis on identifying potential pest problems. And usually at this point, pest problems can be controlled from the exterior of your property.

We also recommend service every other month because pest control products will generally remain effective for two months. After two months, the pest control products should be reapplied.

Another great feature of our bi-monthly pest control service is free re-treats between services. If you notice bugs on your property between service, a technician will come out promptly to eliminate the pests – at no additional charge. Basically, a bi-monthly pest service gives you pest control whenever you need it.

What about your other pest control options?

You can also buy pest control products from a hardware store. But you are buying products available at a consumer-level. Commercial pest control products, only available to licensed pest control applicators, are more effective and targeted.

Are you willing to put in the time, effort, and money into do-it-yourself pest control products? You may end up purchasing multiple products before you find one that effectively treats your pest infestation.

You will also need to know where to apply the DIY products. There are techniques to attracting pest to the products and effectively exterminating the problem. Our pest control technicians are licensed and trained on how to strategically treat targeted areas and pests.

Get on a bi-monthly pest service today

Receive bi-monthly pest control at only $69 every other month. You will receive effective pest control treatments & a knowledgeable pest control specialist. We’ll be like your very own personal pest control technician.

Get answers to anything about pests, have your pest control requests fulfilled, and enjoy a pest-free home!


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