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Birds do not typically fall under the category of pests, but you might have a different perception of birds if they are nesting or loafing on your property. Birds that create problems on your property are known as nuisance birds. Depending on the type of bird coming onto your property, you can be subject to a plethora of issues.

A primary problem being the abundance of droppings they leave behind creating an unhygienic environment and a health concern. Other problems can include enduring their high-pitch chirps outside your window or consuming the crops from your garden.

Fortunately there is a solution to prevent the birds from landing on the targeted areas of your property. Bird netting creates a physical barrier that these flying pests cannot penetrate since it’s made with polyethylene and the mesh size is small enough that birds can’t fit through but remains a low-profile technique. With the netting, some hardware, and basic tools you won’t have to think of birds as pests again.

Here are a few ways you can apply the bird netting to keep birds away from common nesting or roosting areas.


A rooftop is an ideal spot for nuisance birds to nest or loaf on your property, especially roofs with a parapet. Netting can be installed with zippers that allow you to access the roof area when needed, but remain an effective deterrent to keep unwanted birds away from rooftops. You can cover up entire rooftops or just specific areas.Bird Netting To Protect AC Unit On Rooftop From Swallows

In the example to the right, an AC unit was protected by the polyethylene netting and had a zipper entrance (not pictured) for easy accessibility to the equipment. Another option could have been stretching the net over the entire roof and securing the netting to the parapet walls.


Strawberry patch covered by bird netting deterrent A garden can become a bird’s buffet preventing you from enjoying the fruits of your labor. However, with some netting and arched metal rods or PVC pipe, you can create a durable shield that will protect your garden to its fullest.

In this picture, you can see a strawberry patch covered by a breathable mesh that creates an effective barrier against nuisance birds. And it still allows the garden to receive sufficient sunlight, precipitation, and plenty of room to grow – without damaging the crops. You can also drape the netting over your garden if it is not a sensitive crop, but make sure in both applications that the ends are fastened down so birds or other critters don’t get underneath.


It is a popular time to start using the patio for dining, barbecue, relaxing, and hosting get-togethers. But none of those activities are any fun when you are constantly using your peripherals in order to dodge a nearby bird or their droppings.

If your patio already has a covering you can apply netting around the open window areas for a protection that permits airflow and sunlight, but not the flying scavengers.

Signage or Ledges

Netting & Spikes Keeping Birds Away From Ventilation System

Bird netting can also be very effective for guarding signage or ledges. If you have birds roosting on one tiny ledge, it is probably more cost effective to install bird spikes onto the ledge. Signage is an important part of any business so applying netting around the channel letter signs will preserve your brand image and maintain a sanitary environment for your customers.

Pictured here is an example of netting and spikes working together to deter any roosting or nesting on the ledge or within the covering.

The application of bird netting can be applied to a variety of situation for an effective result. You can view more about nuisance birds and other bird deterrent products on our page about bird control.


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