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A Friend Told Me About A Pest Control Contract. What Is That?

We believe in providing excellence in service. Therefore, we believe you will want to use our services for all your pest control needs. Our contract is designed to reduce the overall cost to you. Our contract locks in your price and protects you from any potential rate increases during your first year.

As an added bonus for signing with us, we’ll discount your initial service as a “good-faith” gesture that you will fulfill your initial year with us. That’s just for signing with us!

Of course, you’re under no obligation to sign the contract, but you miss out on the initial discount. Another bonus is that if you have a recurring service with us, we can offer an additional 20% discount to all specialty pet services (Cockroaches, Gophers, Fleas, Moths, Bees, Rats, and Nuisance Birds).

How Long Do Contracts Last? Will I Have to Renew Every Year?

Our contracts are cover your initial year of service, then go month to month, much like a cell phone plan. Once the initial year is completed, there is no need to renew your contract. A large portion of our customers have been with us for many years and can attest to the fact that you will continue to receive ongoing services at the same service rate. Though we’re sure you’ll absolutely LOVE our service, if for any reason, you feel that we cannot adequately meet your needs once that, just let us know you’d like to cancel.

What If I Cancel Before My Contract Is Up?

We’d definitely prefer that you keep your pest control services ongoing, but we understand that things change. If you feel the need to cancel your service before the initial contract has been fulfilled, all you need to do is let us know of your intent to cancel. Once your request is received, we can stop service, though we will need to reclaim the “good-faith” discount provided on your initial service.

Why Should I Continue Being On A Program When I No Longer Seem To Have Pests?

We like to think of it like driving a car. If you don’t keep up the routine maintenance then unseen problems will begin to escalate. The car will breakdown and eventually you will have problems.

Pest activity is exactly the same way. Our programs are designed to give your home routine maintenance to manage your pest issues and to prevent problems before they happen. Unseen pests, when left to their own devices, can multiply quickly… Before you know it you’ll have a large-scale infestation on your hands. The warm climate here in Southern California keeps pests active all year round… They may be a little less active during cooler months, but they are definitely still looking for the perfect place to move in! So when you think your pest problems are gone, it is only because of the routine pest “maintenance” performed by Pro Pacific Pest Control. Without that maintenance, your pest problems would come back.


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