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Often, our clients have questions about the materials used for pest control; mainly due to children or pets being on the property. Safety is ALWAYS a primary concern when loved ones are involved (after all, that’s probably why you’re looking into pest control in the first place), so this time we’ll be looking at some commonly asked questions in regards to the materials used in pest prevention/extermination.


  • Will the Stuff You Use Harm My Pets or Children?

Materials used in professional pest control services are strictly regulated by both Federal and State laws. As such, our highly-trained technicians make sure that any application is in accordance with those laws. The treatments are applied in such small concentrations that it should pose no threat to your loved ones.

If it is still a concern for you, however, it should be noted that the biggest boon to pet and child safety is to simply make sure they do not come in contact with any treated areas until the surface is dry. The material that is applied in treatment is in such small quantities that it does not remain in the air for very long, so the likelihood of breathing in the material is very low. Plus, the concentration used is designed to be applied at very low levels… after all, a mosquito is MUCH smaller than a human. Thus the quantity of materials used in a general pest prevention service poses no real threat to animals or humans.

On larger services, such as for fleas, we may inform you of additional precautions that may need to be taken. For example, bed bug services do require you to vacate the premises. That is the exception, though, not the norm.


  • Does the Product Smell?

Most of the materials we use during our services have no scent at all. Some of our clients opt for botanical methods to be used, which may have a citrus, or wintergreen scent, depending on the botanical used. Otherwise, our customers often cannot smell any “aftereffects” of the service.


  • Will the Materials Stain My Carpet, Curtains or Flooring?

Our technicians have been trained to use materials that won’t stain your valuable decor. We know you want to get rid of unsightly pests, we don’t want to add any problems to your busy schedule! Some materials do leave a slight residue, but those materials are often for outside use. Our technicians will vary the materials used to avoid leaving any residue and ensure that your drapes, carpets, and flooring are as clean as when we arrive!


  • Do We Have to Leave Our Home for the Service?

For general pest control services, you don’t have to go anywhere. Our preventative services are designed to control pests before they enter your home. That means you can enjoy the benefits of pest control from the comfort of your living room. If you decide that you would like us to treat the inside as well, it’s not a problem! We do suggest that you avoid touching any treated areas until after it dries. In rare cases, extenuating circumstances may dictate that it would be beneficial to leave the premises for a short period of time while the treatment dries (i.e. if a client uses oxygen), but in a typical service you don’t have to do a thing!

We recognize that no one really wants to take time off for service, and we realize that you are very busy! Our services are designed to save you time, not cost you time! We are willing to work around your schedule and find a time that is convenient for you. That is why we have designed strategies that give you the “full effect” but do not require you to leave your home.


So as you can see, pest control, when done properly, can be a safe and effective means to keeping pests out of your home. The best part is that it requires little to no time commitment… our awesome technicians take care of everything for you and make sure you and your family are safe at all times!!!

Have questions? Comment in the section below or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter! Of course, we’re open Monday through Saturday for all of your pest control needs!

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