Pest Control Tips For Travelers During The Holidays

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Bed bugs are not the only pests hitching a ride back to home, sweet home after the holiday travels. There are a variety of pests to keep an eye out for in order to make the unwinding transition from vacation to back to reality as painless as possible – because a thriving pest infestation in your home is not the best way to ring in the New Year.

With holiday travel in full swing, it couldn’t hurt to brush up on prevention techniques to ensure you don’t return with more travelers than you came with.  As seen in previous years, bed bug awareness and prevention methods flooded the news to deter infestations. While this is probably still the most popular pest to look out for during the winter season, you may want to consider other threats.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Jamaica have recently teamed up in an effort to create awareness about invasive pests that can be transported via luggage from international passengers. The collaborative program, which began in mid-October, is titled “Don’t Pack a Pest”. Posters and a 60-second video have been created and posted in Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay to warn travelers of potential risks.

Jamaica is the first country within the Caribbean to implement this program.

The pests of concern are mealy bugs and army beat worms. These pests can travel unnoticeably via luggage bags or suitcases resulting in an unsuspecting surprise if not cautious. There are a few precautions to consider when traveling during the festive season.

During Vacation

Do some preliminary investigation when you arrive at your destination. Before unzipping your bags and making yourself at home – inspect your room and bed for signs of bugs. Check underneath sheets, box spring, and the headboards of beds. Behind the mattress seams is a popular location to find bed bugs.

Always try to keep your clothes confined in a single area and zip up your bags when not in use.


Upon returning home from your trip, don’t immediately unload your clothes into the laundry hamper. Instead, casually inspect your clothing items and luggage (not on bed) before stowing away in a closet. When you wash your used clothing, try to use high temperatures to kill any invasive bugs.

Your return from traveling can run seamlessly with just a few inspections and techniques. Don’t let a few stealthy bugs create a headache for you, when you want to relax from a action-packed trip.

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