Properly Stowing Christmas Items To Prevent Pests

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The joyous season has come and gone and our living rooms are left with the remnants of shredded wrapping paper and wilting trees. Soon Christmas decorations and memorabilia will be collected and put away in attics, sheds, or closets until next year.

But before you confine what was displayed in your home for the holidays into storage space, there are preliminary steps to perform to optimize your pest control efforts.

Piled up boxes with wrapped trinkets and strings of lights inside are ideal nesting areas for rodents and other pests. Here are some tips to keep nuisance vermin and pests away so your holiday collectibles are perfectly intact and preserved for next December.

–  Clean Storage Space – Dust and sanitize the area where you plan to store Christmas boxes. Rodents and insects prefer a dingy area to nest since the accumulated dust particles represents a location with low activity. Removing the dirt particles and odorous scents will make pests feel less comfortable and discourage them from nesting.

–  Use Plastic Containers – Although cardboard boxes are ubiquitous and economical after Christmas, they are not impenetrable to rodents. Rats and mice can gnaw through garbage bags or cardboard boxes, making nesting materials of the ornaments and packaging inside. Secure plastic containers prevent pests from accessing your storage boxes.

–  Do Not Store Edible Items – If Santa didn’t finish his cookies, don’t save them for next year. Popcorn string and garlands made of fresh, edible material must be disposed of properly. Storing these items with the rest of your collectibles will keep the persistent pests around.

–  Store Holiday Candles Separately – The scent from a candle can attract unwanted guests. Placing the candles in an area that is not exposed to extreme heat (e.g. attics or sheds) will resolve this problem. Wrap candles in cellophane to prevent them from melting together or transferring color in warm conditions.

–  Store or Dispose Of Tree Properly – Fake trees conveniently fit into their boxes. Make sure the box is sealed so rodents cannot enter. Real trees should be chopped up or taken to a Christmas tree collection or recycling center. Contact your city for details on recycling and collection. Placing your tree curbside is not recommended as this can attract rodents.

Putting away all your decorations and ornaments may not be the most exciting part of the holidays but it sure does pay off doing it the right way. You will avoid attracting unwanted pest infestations and be able to maintain your Christmas décor.

Now you are that much more protected from invasive winter pests and rodents – Happy Holidays!


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