Protect Your Home In The Fall With Defensive Pest Control

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With colder temperatures and shorter days occurring in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County, your home needs a strong defensive pest control strategy to keep invasive bugs out. Nuisance pests like roaches, spiders, and crickets are attracted to your home in the winter months because of the warmth and lights.

The best defensive pest control technique is entry prevention. Seal all entries that pests can potentially enter to invade your home.

But effectively guarding your home from pests will not be an easy task. It requires a thorough inspection, ample time, and the ability to think like a pest. Identifying and sealing any crack, crevice, or opening in the exterior of your home is the first step.

Search every inch of your home for small cracks or large holes. Openings where pipes or electrical wire enter your structure should be plugged with caulk, cement, urethane expandable foam, or steel wool.  Areas on the foundation where outdoor faucets, clothes dryer vent, and telephone cable wires enter can be overlooked. Pests and rodents will surely not miss these opportunities to enter your home.

Obvious entrances for bugs that are often overlooked are the entrance we use. Front doors and garage doors need a seal to exclude ants and other small insects. Exterior doors should have door sweeps. Make sure the bottom corners form a seal when closed. Garage doors need a rubber seal on the bottom.

Other common pest and rodent entries include windows, chimneys, and roof vents. You can prevent unwanted guests from entering these areas by installing wire mesh screens. Screen with the smallest gap is best.

Now that your home is protected, you’ll want to prevent pests from living on the exterior of your property.

Wood piles should be stacked neatly and stored away from the base of your home. Knock off bark on firewood before bringing indoors. Pests can hide within the wood blocks.

Also, wash out syrup and liquid from recyclables and don’t let the pile build up for too long. Unsealed cans or bottles provide shelter for roaches, ants, and flies. Clean out gutters from excessive debris as well to prevent obstructing the flow of drain pipes and providing harborage for insects.

Effective defensive pest control takes time and is a continual process to ensure new entries or unexpected pest infestations have formed.

A professional pest control service pairs best with defensive pest control. A pest-free home is a healthy home. Enjoy the refreshing feeling of living in a home without bugs or rodents.

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