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Rodent Control Checklist for San Diego Restaurants

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It is a perpetual effort for restaurant owners to maintain a clean, sanitary environment. However, constant cleaning and enforcing pest/rodent proof techniques can keep pests out and health code violations at bay.

In San Diego, while roaches and other pests can infest a restaurant at anytime of the year, rodents usually invade structures during colder months. Restaurants need to establish a rodent control plan that will keep rodents away.  With an effective rodent control plan, you won’t have to worry about a rodent infestation. Also, your clients will leave satisfied without getting sick from food that has been contaminated by rodents.

Here are some steps San Diego restaurant owners can enforce to make for a rodent-free establishment:

  • Rodent Proof/Exclusion – The beginning of your rodent control plan. This will prevent rodents from entering the structure. Inspect the interior and exterior walls and roof for any openings (cracks, crevices, holes) the size of a dime.  All dime-sized openings should be stuffed or covered with a durable, flexible material (ex. steel wool). If you are a tenant in a complex, contact the property manager for solutions to rodent proof your unit.
  • Keep All Food Secure – All food including waste food should be safely secured. Trash receptacles have a secure lid on top. When storing food make sure is it in packaging or sealed container in refrigerator/freezer/pantry. Foods stored in cardboard boxes should not be left out in open and preferably in a pantry or cabinet with closed doors.
  • All Surfaces Clean – At the end of a job task and work day, wipe counter tops and work areas clean with disinfectant spray. This will significantly reduce your chance of rodents.
  • Reduce the clutter – Everything should be off the floor (3 feet up) and you should have easy access to clean underneath tables and countertops. This will not allow any spots for rodents to live or hide. Also, this helps with cleaning the entire floor area and prevents piece of food from being hidden under objects. Rodents also like dark place so leaving a light on in the kitchen area could help your rodent control plan.
  • Use Rodent Traps – if you are experiencing a rodent infestation, quickly call a rodent control specialist. They can strategically place rodent traps to capture all the rodents. You will want to avoid rodent control sprays or poisons in a food establishment since rodents can expose food to toxic chemicals. Also, chemicals may take a few days to kill rodents and they can end up dying in between walls. A rodent control professional is the best option.

Many restaurants around the nation are being closed by the health department due to violating health code. A Pennsylvania restaurant was closed because of excessive rodent droppings found near counter tops, fridge, and water heater.

Huge fines are issued for rat infestations like these. San Diego restaurants can avoid citations and the risk of losing the business with a well executed rat control plan. If you suspect rodents in your establish, contact us now for a professional rodent control inspection for FREE.

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