Springing Into Cleaning (AND Pest Control)

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Spring is officially underway. For many people, that means the long arduous task of “Spring Cleaning.” Most of us will spend a weekend or two cleaning the house of old, unwanted clutter. For other people, it means (FINALLY) putting the Christmas tree/lights away. But aside from a tidier home when guests arrive, spring cleaning can be excellent for your home when pests arrive.

Often, the miscellaneous clutter that we accumulate (and leave forgotten in a nook, corner, or box) makes prime real estate for pests to move in. Low-traffic areas, such as attics, garages, and closets, can become safe havens for rodents and insects to move in and stake their claim.

At Pro Pacific Pest Control Escondido, we’re big supporters of pest prevention over pest extermination. We’ve mentioned it several times before, but it’s far easier (and cheaper) to prevent an infestation than it is to evict one. Here are three handy tips for your spring cleaning efforts to keep the bugs at bay:


1) Drain the Tub… And Everywhere Else.

Dog in a bathtub

“I’ve had a very ruff day.”

Moisture creates an ideal spot for many bugs, and often entices them to set up shop wherever they can find standing water. Rodents (such as shiprats and sewer rats) will often find sources of water and decide to set up shop nearby — often within the walls or even in the attic of your home! Mosquitoes use stagnant puddles for reproduction and can often swarm nearby as a result. Silverfish LOVE moist, cool, dark places, and you’ll often catch them scurrying away if you flip on the light in a crawlspace that is not properly sealed. reptiles and other pests will also seek out similarly cool, damp places. Eliminating these sources of water can go a long way to not only preventing the hassle of insects, but it can also prevent disease such as dengue, malaria, and others that are carried by mosquitoes and their kin.

As you’re doing your annual cleanse, check your home to make sure you don’t have a leaky faucet or pipes. Although Southern California doesn’t have to worry about pipes freezing over the winter months, pipes which have not been used in a long time or are in disrepair can be the catalyst for a full-blown invasion!


2)Dust Those Bunnies!

LUCY cleans

Cleaning in furs. Lucy has always been a class act.

Ever run face first into a spider web? NOT a fun feeling! The flailing, spit-takes, and panicked shuffling that results can be embarrassing, to say the least. One way to avoid such nestings is to sweep and dust nooks, crannies, and eaves inside and outside the house. In some homes, it is harder to reach these areas because a ladder is needed.

This is a prime task for your friendly neighbourhood pest control company! After all, who wants to drag a ladder out of storage, put it up, sweep, climb back down, and repeat the process all the way around (and inside) the house? Pest control companies often have the equipment to do these task quickly and efficiently.

Basically, though, you want to target all those “low traffic” areas in and around the home. Corners, closets, and eaves are prime spots for spiders to set up shop.


3) Don’t Be A Packrat.

packrat via http://braymere.blogspot.com/

“Eat your heart out, chipmunks.”

We get it, some things are just too cool to get rid of, or there’s something “nostalgic” about them, or… well, we’ll admit that maybe we’re just being lazy at times. But keeping those odds-and-ends, scrap materials, or “vintage” goods from the local flea market can cause you more headache than you realize.

Keep your home clear of clutter. If you have a shed or workstation in your backyard, be sure to clean (or at the very least organize) any discarded pieces of wood or tools. Rodents love to nest in piles like those and it can ALSO be a prime location for bees and wasps to form nests. In fact, we’ve seen a bee’s nest between two garbage can lids that hadn’t been moved in months! Clearing out spaces like these can go a LONG way to helping your pest control efforts, and a little bit of effort on the “front end” can keep your cost down in the long run.


Of course, we offer FREE inspection/estimates for pest control and can identify potential trouble spots and offer ongoing solutions to keep your home safe (and beautiful) throughout spring and into summer.

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