How To Have Thanksgiving and Unpack Holiday Boxes Without Attracting Pests

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With all the foot traffic and holiday cooking in homes for the festive season, pests can easily invade properties unnoticed. Ants, mice, rats, and pantry pests are the most common pests during this time of year in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County.

Here are a few simple pest control techniques to ensure a pest-free holiday season:

1. Inspect pantry and storage boxes

Before the preparation of your Thanksgiving feast, thoroughly inspect your pantry for any signs of pests. Also, examine storages boxes containing Christmas décor for chew marks from rodents or unnoticed pest infestations. Remember to open boxes outdoors. Pack decorations in sealable, chew-proof plastic containers. Knowing the source of a pest infestation is the first step to a pest-free home!

2. Don’t buy damage food or gift products

During the holiday season, products are flying off the shelf. Pests can travel far with an expedited transfer from the manufacturer to its final destination: your home. Avoid purchasing products with damaged packaging from the grocery store or retailer. Invasive pests can nest inside the packaging and conveniently flourish when brought inside your home. Common items that attract pest infestations are flour, powdered milk, dry dog food, corn meal, cereal, and macaroni.

3. Cleanliness is next to pest free-ness

Discarded and leftover food items attract pests. Bugs and rodents can live off the smallest crumbs so it’s important to thoroughly clean areas where food is prepared, cooked, or eaten. Wash dishes and vacuum or sweep kitchen and dining areas after every meal. Throw out any food waste in a secure trash receptacle. Without being able to access a food source, pests will look elsewhere.

4. Seal holes or crevices on exterior or home

Colder weather causes rats and mice to seek shelter indoors, with your attic being a desirable nesting location. Sealing holes or crevices on the exterior of your home creates a shield that rodents can’t penetrate. Rodent prevention is the best technique to keep rats and mice off your property!

Pro Pacific Pest Control wishes you and your family a joyous holiday season. Follow these tips to leave you enjoying the holiday fun without worrying about pest infestations. Bring in the holiday spirit while keeping pests away!

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