The Complexities Of Pest Control For Apartment Complexes

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The complexity of exterminating bugs in apartment complexes stems from a pest’s ability to easily move to other units. When treatment is applied in a specific area bugs can avoid baits by moving to other areas. Common or thin walls with shared plumbing and electrical wires are a pest control company’s kryptonite and a pest’s escape route.

Pests can congregate to only a few particular units within a complex because of accessibility and abundance of food and water supply. Small crumbs and leaking pipes are a perfect meal for nuisance pests like German roaches or mice. Inspecting pipes for leaks and thorough daily cleaning can lower your risk for pests invading your apartment unit.

But in most situations as the pest population grows within the complex, the infestation becomes more evenly distributed. Pest exterminators typically take one route to handle bug problems in multi-unit buildings.

A one-time treatment in the vicinity with a heavy pest infestation does not offer a lasting solution. As stated previously, bugs are able to avoid treatment by evacuating the treated area through shared walls. Only bugs in the immediate area will be eliminated, but the bugs that escape will eventually return.

To effectively eliminate bugs from each individual unit, the perimeter and outdoor areas must be treated first. This will eliminate bugs nesting outside the structure and in the landscape. The residue from the treatments will also help eradicate insects when they venture outdoors.

As the pest population thins out, the exterminator can narrow down the possible locations of the pest problem. The focus will be shifted to apartments still experiencing pest problems after exterior treatments. Affected units will receive indoor treatments and are inspected to identify potential pest entries. Sealing up the cracks and crevices with durable materials will prevent pests from entering your home. Your apartment home will be like a sealed box, unaffected by outside elements like bugs.

Remember, simple routine tasks like dusting and vacuuming go a long way in pest management. Pest control professionals are not the only ones that can prevent bugs from invading your home. You can contribute to not only keep bugs out of your home but also the homes around you.

Pest Control For Apartment Complexes

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