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The Defensive Side of Pest Control- Rodent Proofing

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So there once was a cat always devising a master plan to capture a mouse that shares the home the cat lives in.  The relentless cat repeatedly attempts to have the mouse for a meal but always comes up unsuccessful as his plans backfire causing him all sorts of injuries. You can find the cat in casts and crutches or having singed hair from his boomerang plans. Is this story starting to sound familiar? Of course it is, that clumsy cat and clever mouse are from “Tom and Jerry”, the cat and mouse cartoon classic.  Although the show is a cartoon and far from reality, Tom portrays the perseverance we have to rid our homes of mice.

Jerry may be an adorable mouse on the show but rats and mice can do more harm than good to your homes and family.  They can gnaw through boxed pantry items to consume for nourishment and contaminate your food and food-preparation surfaces with their excrement which carries the bacteria that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis).  Rodents and the parasites that can live on them can easily spread diseases.

Rodents use our homes for shelter and food and can gain entry by an opening only ¼ inch wide.  Plastic sheeting and screens, wood, drywall, and insulation are no match for a rat or mouse’s teeth to gnaw through and begin to make your home a mouse haven.  Also, a mouse is capable of chewing through wiring which can pose as a serious fire hazard to your property.

Pro Pacific Pest Control can inspect your home and draw up a defensive plan to keep your home pest-free.  Our plan is to identify any problem areas that may attract rodents to your home. Our techs will cover any opening that a rat can use to gain entry to your home with wire mesh and other materials that cannot be gnawed through.  All the corners of doors, windows, and screens will be covered with metal to prevent the rodents from making a crevice.

In addition, the lawn is another area to target for rodent proofing. Piles of wood or brush can be an ideal place for rodents to nest and hang around your property.   Also, branches that hang over your roof can provide easy access for rodents to enter your home through roof vents.  These areas or situations should be properly managed to prevent an infestation.  Our trained technicians can spot any potential areas that could be welcoming to rodents and effectively keep them from entering your home.

So, call Pro Pacific today for a free rodent proof inspection and estimate to put an end to the mouse-chasing days.

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