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Best Rat Traps. Eliminates Rats & Mice Effectively.Rodents are prolific creatures with a timid personality, creating a pest that is not easy to control once present in your home.

You may think you have the surefire way to eradicate the rats and mice from your home, but in reality, most recommended rodent control products are not very effective for rats and mice. Rodent control is not rocket science but it does require the proper tools and procedures.

So, what is the best rat trap to guarantee no more infestations of rats and mice – big or small?

Traditional spring-loaded mousetraps have been replaced by a more effective trap that actually captures rats or mice when they take the bait. Older traps allowed rodents to eat the bait without setting off the trap or it would launch them into the air with no harm depending on the position they were on the trap.

These newer style T-rex traps (as shown in image above) don’t allow rodents to “eat and run”. Once the rodent is taking from the bait, expect the T-rex to snap shut – and get rid of your rodent problem for good! Try using the tips below to make the most of your rodent control efforts.

If you have an indoor infestation and are looking for the best rat trap for a do-it-yourself rodent removal, we recommend strategically setting T-rex snap traps (click on image above to buy) around your house and using effective rodents baits to lure in the critters.

Tips For Using The Best Rat Trap

Each rodent infestation is not the same and may require a different approach to effectively eliminate a pack of rodents and keep them from returning.

For instance, it is not recommended to use lethal baits or poisons to extract rodents nesting inside of a structure. Instead, strategically positioned traditional snap traps will suffice in capturing unwanted rodents that are indoors.  And conversely, snap traps are ineffective for outdoor infestations.

However, to make the traps effective you must use a combination of strategic positioning, placement, setting, monitoring, and baits. Thick food pastes are good baits to apply to these traps.

It is also recommended to pre-bait the mousetraps by placing baits without setting the traps. Rodents are reluctant to touch or visit new objects in their environment, so pre-baiting will allow the rodent to test the area without any consequence. Then when more food is placed, the rodent will be more comfortable to eat from the set trap.

If your DIY attempts have failed or you would rather not deal with the traps or rodent carcasses, choosing a pest control professional to eliminate your rodent problem is convenient and affordable. Licensed rodent control technicians will do the setting, monitoring, and positioning of the traps to ensure a successful rodent removal.

It is recommended to contact a rodent control professional when your traps are ineffective or for large rodent problems.

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