Why You Should Continue Your Pest Control Service In The Winter

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Gloomy skies and dropping temperatures have many homeowners in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County putting their guard down on pests. Residents have concluded that pests have been kept at bay and are no longer a threat to their household.At this time of year, the activity for common pests in our region has reduced significantly – making a discontinued pest control service seem like a sensible choice.

But all is not what it may seem…unforeseen bugs and vermin are lurking within the vicinity for a stealthy opportunity to invade an unsuspecting home.

Here are a few reasons why you should not withdraw from your pest control efforts in the winter. And possibly even giving your current pest control plans a boost at this time.

Winter Pests

Surprisingly, not all pests are hibernating or remain inactive during the winter season. Rodents, roaches and ants are common winter pests. Rodents will seek shelter indoors to remain protected from outdoor elements. Ants and roaches work year round collecting food.

A regular pest control service will help deter these winter pest infestations.

Prevent A Pest Problem

Pests are furtive and often difficult to spot when infesting your property. The problem has sually grown too large before it is noticed. That’s where your pest control technician comes in!

With every service, your technician provides a thorough inspection and identifies any potential pest problem before they begin. Any possible nesting grounds on your property are located and are monitored closely to make sure your home remains pest-free.

Be Prepared For Pest Primetime

Regular pest control treatment provides your home with perpetual protection from pests around your property.  This barrier of protection keeps bugs and insects at bay year round.

Letting your guard down for any period of time significantly increases your chance of pest infestation. You won’t need to worry about the disease and problems associated with pests with an effective pest control plan in place.

Continuing your pest control service is not only a logical decision, it’s a great way to save money by not having to spend on ignored pest problems that have grown uncontrollable and created costly repairs.

And if you don’t have a pest control service in place, call us today for a free inspection & recommendations for a pest-free property around the clock!

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