Brace Yourself! Winter is Coming… Wait! It’s Already Here!!!!

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It’s no doubt, winter has arrived. Fortunately, in Southern California, the temperature change for winter is much milder than, say, Philadelphia or Chicago, but changes in weather often mean that pests will be searching for a new home (possibly YOURS!) to bed down in during the seasonal change. Today, we help you prepare AGAINST infestation (if you haven’t done so already)!

Bugs Watch (winter season)



1. Attics – An attic is a fantastic place for rodents to nest, especially if you have a lot of insulation! Be sure to replace all damaged roof tiles and attic vents. Also, use plastic seal-able storage bins to prevent them from rummaging around in your stuff!

2. Pipes and drains – Most insects are attracted to moisture and places with excess water, so be sure to inspect and replace any leaky pipes and get rid of any water-damaged wood around them!

3. Chimneys – Birds, bats and squirrels like to make homes in chimneys. Chimney caps are a simple and quick solution to keep them away this winter!.

4. Garages – Although it’s MEANT for car storage, many of us end up storing a plethora of other things inside, as well (or even instead of) as the family car. Just like in attics, be sure to use plastic seal-able bins when storing items. Also try to keep them about a foot off the floor and approximately a foot away from the walls (for easy inspection).

5. Kitchen – Probably the biggest “offender” when it comes to pest infestations, the key to securing your kitchen is to make sure all food is sealed in airtight containers. Also be sure to regularly empty contents of garbage cans and clear up any food debris.

6. General Exterior/Interior- – Don’t be a pack-rat (no pun intended)! A tidy home lends itself LESS to rodents and other pests moving in…. although it’s not a full ward against them! Have a professional do a THOROUGH inspection — cracks or gaps around windows and doors are easy to overlook, especially if you aren’t completely familiar with the signs of rodent activity. Rodents can enter any opening larger than 1/4 inch. It pays to cover these gaps from both an energy saving and a pest prevention point of view. Be sure to install weather stripping around windows and doors, as well as door sweeps beneath doors.

Hopefully, you’re now prepared for the winter season, and prepared to repel any pests that may come your way! Need help getting your home protected? Give us a call, we can give you GUARANTEED protection against any critter that may want to visit for the holidays!

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