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Bugs are more than just an embarrassing nuisance. They can be a real threat to the structure of your home and the health of your family. Pick a service plan that works for you and we will eliminate the critters for good.

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Pesky pests that move into your home or landscape come with a lot of bad baggage including the potential to damage your property, create safety issues for you, your family, and your pets, as well as promoting unhealthy conditions. Whether they're walking, crawling, or flying, if pests have invaded your property, you'll get the best results in eliminating the problem using the services of a professional pest control exterminator who'll handle the situation efficiently and safely.

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When the best in pest control services are needed the goal of our friendly staff at Pro Pacific Pest Control is to go above and beyond in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. We listen to your concerns, explain the specific pest extermination process, and let you know what to expect after treatment or removal. Join the 20,000+ customers ever year in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside who now enjoy pest-free homes.

Service was excellent. My "Bug Man" told me why we had the ants, what he was going to do about it, and what I should expect to see. The little buggers were all gone in the 24 hour time frame that he promised. My guy went above and beyond. He tightened a screw on the back yard gate. Very nice that he noticed it and took care of all by himself.

- Dave L

Robert is nothing short of an amazing service professional. He patiently answered all of my questions and then went to TOWN on our spider webs, etc...he even was surprised by a wasp nest! He handled it like a pro (I was way more scared for him then he was...thank goodness he did not get stung).

From the originating inquiry call, through the consultation and service I am IMPRESSED with the staff of service professionals at Pro Pacific Pest Control. We look forward to renewing our annual contract for years to come!

- Robyn S

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At Pro Pacific Pest Control, we make it easy for you to rid your home of a variety of offenders and keep them away by offering several service plans that include bi-monthly and annual options. Our team of professionals is made up of skilled exterminators ready to put a plan of action into effect using their years of hands-on knowledge, experience, and proven techniques to make your home and property pest free. From ants and cockroaches to rodents and pigeons, our pest control services include treating, controlling, and removing unwanted pests, leaving the intruders with no place to call home.

As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of providing and maintaining a pest-free environment. Don’t let your space be overrun by unwelcome pests looking for a new place to set up housekeeping. Contact Us today for a free estimate and inspection and for more information about our services and treatment options.

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