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Pro Pacific Pest Control was founded in 1997 and has emerged as a leading provider of pest control services in San Diego and southwest Riverside counties. Our family-owned and operated company is dedicated to delivering guaranteed results and the highest levels of customer service our larger competitors simply cannot match.

At Pro Pacific Pest Control, we are dedicated to the principle of providing our valued clients with traditional values of customer service, quality work, and exceptional value. We offer prompt service, knowledgeable technicians, and warranties for all of our work. Our technicians service commercial and residential properties throughout San Diego and southwest Riverside counties.

Our Philosophy of Exceptional Customer Service

At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, our primary goal is to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of our valued clients. To put it simply, we not happy until you are 100 percent satisfied with your pest control job. We offer free inspections and estimates on all our jobs and back up our work with money-back guarantees. That’s how sure we are that we can take care of your pest problems.

We at Pro Pacific Pest Control also have distinguished ourselves from our competition through our approach to pest control work. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time, which means using the best pest control techniques and products to eliminate pests without repeated calls for service. For our regular bi-monthly or quarterly pest control clients, they can count on consistent service that leaves them protected from ants, bugs, and other pests.

IPM Practices on the Rise

Pro Pacific Pest Control is among a growing number of companies who practice IPM because the policy allows the increasing knowledge of pests to be applied so that pesticides are targeted & used more sparingly while maximizing results. IPM is generally more environmentally friendly and not as toxic to people or animals who are exposed to pesticides and other chemicals used in pest control.

Our technicians consistently receive training on new IPM methods and work hard to hone their skills to gain a better understanding of the best and most effective pest control techniques and products.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Pro Pacific Pest Control is dedicated to providing clients in San Diego County and southwest Riverside County with the best possible pest control protection. We subscribe to the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which involves using all of the resources available to provide quality, intelligent, and efficient pest control for the consumer.

At Pro Pacific Pest Control, we often refer to the collective resources we have as our “toolbox.” These resources include insecticides, rodenticides, exclusion methods, knowledge of pest habits and habitats, botanicals, barriers, traps, and a host of other tools we use to make pest control safer and more efficient.

Pro Pacific Pest Control Organizational Affiliates

Pro Pacific Pest Control knows the importance of being associated with organizations that share similar beliefs and goals of our industry and instill the preservation of good moral code and conduct in business practices.  Since the inception of the company in 1997, we have shown superior customer service and quality job service that has earned us the title of a BBB Accredited Business.

Our affiliation with Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) and Independent Pest Control Association (IPCA) provide us with a perpetual update on guidelines and regulations in the industry while offering a wealth of knowledge on pest control education and services.

Also, community involvement is vital to our growth individually as a company and as a business community. As a proud member of the San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA), we believe being a part of organizations like these help achieve our goals and support our community.

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