Terms of Service



Our goal is 100% satisfaction! If a covered pest problem arises between our regular outside services, just call and we will promptly return and resolve the problem at no additional charge to you. In addition, we guarantee to resolve the problem, or your money back. Should we not be able to resolve a covered pest problem, you will receive a refund for the amount paid for your last month of service coverage upon request.


Service Agreement

This agreement shall be for a minimum of twelve (12) months, or four (4) paid services if you are on a quarterly plan, six (6) paid services if you are on a bimonthly plan, and twelve (12) paid services if you are on a monthly plan.  After such time the service shall continue until a written 30-day notice to discontinue service is received from either party. 

Initial Service

Initial services take more time and resources to complete and as a result cost more than a regularly scheduled maintenance service.  When customers sign up for a twelve-month service agreement we provide an initial service, but we discount it down to the same price as a scheduled maintenance service.  This discount is applied in good faith, assuming that the twelve-month term of the agreement will be fulfilled.  If the service agreement is stopped before the twelve-month term if fulfilled customer will be responsible for services already provided, and Pro Pacific Pest Control will charge an additional $150 cancel fee to correct the discount that was provided on the initial service.

Pests Covered

This service will include control of the following pests: Ants, Spiders, Snails, Earwigs, Crickets, Pantry Pests (Indian Meal Moths), Black Widows, Mud Daubers, Wasps, American Cockroach, Silverfish (not in attic).

Other Service Features

  • Cobweb Cleanup – Service tech will sweep cobwebs down from exterior eaves on each service visit.  Eaves must be accessible to tech from ground level using a 20’ extension pole.
  • Inside Services – Inside services are included upon request at no additional charge.
  • Free Retreats – If customernotices anything that service tech missed, or notices increased pest activity in-between scheduled visits they are eligible for retreat services at no additional charge.
    Service also includes cobweb cleanup on accessible eaves (eaves less than 25 feet high)
    Inside service is provided upon customer request at no additional charge.
  • Service Notifications – customer may setup a service notification that best suits them.  We can provide service notifications via phone call, email, or text message.  We can notify anywhere between one and seven days in advance.  This nice feature serves as a reminder call that we are coming so there are no surprises.
  • 20% Off Select Specialty Services – asa customer of Pro Pacific Pest Control, you will qualify for 20% discount on our specialty services.
    Customer’s price after 20% discount
    Beehive Extermination $160 (pricing subject to change without notice)
    Full Rodent Trapping Service $235 (pricing subject to change without notice)
    German Roach Extermination $200 (pricing subject to change without notice)
    Flea Extermination $200 (pricing subject to change without notice)
    Gopher Baiting Service $200 (pricing subject to change without notice)
    Other services provided are per inspection and bid:
    Beehive/Honeycomb Removal
    Rodent Sanitation Service
    Rodent Proofing Service
    Dead Rodent Removal
    Pest Control Insulation Install
    Nuisance Bird Control
    Bed Bug Service


Payment due within 30 days of each service.


State law requires that you be given the following information:

CAUTION – PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS. Structural Pest Control Companies are registered and regulated by the Structural Pest Control Board and apply pesticides which are registered and approved for use by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Registration is granted when the state finds that based on existing scientific evidence there are no appreciable risks if proper use conditions are followed of that the risks are outweighed by the benefits. The degree of risk depends on the degree of exposure, so exposure should be minimized.

If, within 24 hours following application, you experience symptoms similar to common seasonal sickness, comparable to the flu, or other symptoms of overexposure not typical of influenza, contact your physician or poison control center (800) 876-4766 and PPPC immediately. If rodenticide ingestion occurs, you may experience symptoms of mild shock and/or bleeding. This is an anticoagulant reaction and you should contact your physician or poison control center whose phone number is listed below.

County Agriculture Commissioner

Los Angeles 310-534-2770

Orange County 714-955-0100

Riverside 951-955-3000

San Bernardino 800-734-9459

San Diego 858-694-2739

County Health Department

Los Angeles 213-744-3160

Orange County 714-834-7700

Riverside 951-358-5000

San Bernardino 909-387-7146

San Diego 619-692-8499

Structural Pest Control Board (Regulatory Information)

2005 Evergreen St, Suite 1500, Sacramento, CA 95815

Phone: 916-561-8700

Pro Pacific Pest Control

24 Hour Emergency Phone Number


This contract does not guarantee against present or future insect damage to the structure or contents and will not provide for compensation or repair. Pro Pacific Pest Control agrees to provide pest control service in accordance with the conditions outlined on this service agreement.

Property Access

Customer agrees to make property accessible to service tech on scheduled service days. If property is not accessible on scheduled service day, Pro Pacific Pest Control will bill customer full amount for current service cycle. Customer has the option to call Pro Pacific Pest Control and arrange a time for an additional visit to complete the unfinished service at no additional charge to customer.

Cancellation Policy

Customer may cancel this service agreement without any cancellation penalty if they cancel before the initial/first service has commenced. If the customer needs to cancel this agreement, and the initial service has already started and/or completed, customer understands and agrees to pay for services already provided and $150 cancel fee.

Pro Pacific Pest Control reserves the right to cancel this agreement without notice if account becomes delinquent, or if customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, or for any reason with or without cause. In the event that Pro Pacific Pest Control cancels the agreement for the above reasons; customer is still responsible to pay for services already provided and $150 cancel fee.

After the terms of service are met customer, understands that service will continue on the same service schedule. If customer wishes to cancel the service, they must do so in writing (letter or email) with 30-day notice. Until cancellation notice is received customer understands they will continue to receive service and agrees to pay for said services.


Net 30 terms – full payment is expected within 30 days of service. After 30 days has expired customer will be charged a late fee of 1.5%, and every 30 days thereafter until payment is made in full.

Responsible Party – Pro Pacific Pest Control expects payment from whoever agreed to the service agreement. By agreeing to this service agreement, the signer is indicating that they are authorized to do so, and agree to pay for services provided regardless of any arrangements they have or have not made with the property owner.

Bounced Checks – $25 fee for bounced checks

Pro Pacific Pest Control Collection – customer understands if they are late on payment that Pro Pacific Pest Control will use any contact information gathered to attempt to contact customer. Customer understands and agrees to be contacted by the following methods: phone call, email, text message (standard message and data rates may apply), instant message (standard message and data rates may apply), letter (USPS), door hanger or onsite property visit.

3rd Party Collection Fee – Pro Pacific Pest Control will give customer a three day notice before sending their account to 3rd party collection agency. Customer agrees to pay all additional fees associated with 3rd party collection services.

Property Lien – Under the Mechanics Lien Law (California Code of Civil Procedures, Section 1181 it Seq.), any contractor, subcontractor, laborer, supplier, or any other person who helps improve your property but is not paid for his/her work or supplies, has the right to enforce a claim against your property. This means that after a court hearing, your property could be sold by a court officer and the proceeds of the sale used to satisfy the indebtedness. This could happen even if you paid your own contractor in full, but the subcontractor, laborer, or supplier remains unpaid.

It is understood that no verbal agreement or representation shall alter this agreement. This agreement may be changed only in writing signed by both parties. Customer agrees that Pro Pacific Pest Control may transfer or assign its right and/or obligations under this agreement or subcontract any obligations there under to a third party without notifying customer or obtaining customers consent.

We propose to use one or more of the following products and active ingredients indicated below:

Product Name, Active Ingredient(s)

Alpine Dust, Dinotefuran .25%, Diatomaceous Earth 95%

Alpine Flea Aerosol, Dinotefuran .25%, Pyriproxyfen .1%, Prallethrin .05%

Archer IGR, Pyridine 1.3%

CB-80 Aerosol, Pyrethrins .5%, PiperonylButoxide 4%

ContracBlox, Bromodialone .005%

Cykik CS, Cyfluthrin 6%

Dekko Silverfish Paks, Boric Acid 20%

Delta Dust, Deltamethrin .05%

Dragnet SFR, Permethrin 36.8%

DrionePyrethrins, 1%, PiperonylButoxide Technical 10%,

Amorphous Silica Gel 40%

Eco PCO WP-X, Phenethyl Propionate 3%, Thyme Oil 5%, Pyrethrins .05%

Essentria G Eugenol, 2.9%, Thyme Oil .6%

Essentria IC3, Rosemary Oil 10%

First Strike, Difethialone .0025%

Gentrol, Hydroprene 9%

Hawk-I 2L, Imidicloprid 21.4%

JT Eaton Answer Gopher Bait, Diphacinone .005%

MasterLineBifethrin, 7.9%

Maxforce Ant Killer Gel, Fipronil .001%

Maxforce Complete Granular, Hydramethylnon 1%

Maxforce FC Select, Fipronil .01%

Maxforce FC Magnum, Fipronil .05%

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait, Imidicloprid 10%, Tricosene .1%

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait, Imidacloprid .03%

Mother Earth Granular Scatter Bait, Boric Acid 5%

Onslaught, Cyano Methyl 6.4%

Phantom, Chlorfenapyr 21.45%

Riptide, Pyrethrins 5%, PiperonylButoxide 25%

Rozol Gopher Bait, Chlorophacinone .005%

Saf T Side, Petroluem Oil .01%

Sluggo, Iron Phosphate 1%

Spectracide Wasp and Hornet, PiperonylButoxide .5%, Permethrin .25% Tetramethrin .1%

Suspend POLYZONE, Deltamethrin 4.75%

Taurus SC, Fipronil 9.1%

TempridImidacloprid, 21%, Cyfluthrin 10.5%

TermidorFipronil, 9.1%

Terrad3 BloxCholecalcepherol, .075%

UltracidePyriproxyfen, .1%, Pyrethrins .05%, N-octyl

BicyclohepteneDicarboximide .4%, Permethrin.4%

Wisdom Flowable, Bifenthrin 7.9%

Wisdom Lawn Granular, Bifethrin .2%

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