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The guys came out. Looked at the area to be treated. I asked if they would have a look at another area where bees and birds had been a problem as well. They took care of both areas at no extra charge and were done and gone in a couple hours. 5 STARS for theses dudes!!

- John D.

Pro Pacific was quick, responsive and efficient. When we called too early in the year for bird nest removal, they made a note and contacted us proactively when the nest removal was appropriate. Their technology (electronic document signing, account pulls up when I call from my associated phone number) makes it very easy for busy families to stay on top of their pest control. I'd highly recommend Pro Pacific.

- Karen D.

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Are Pesky Swallows Invading Your Eaves? Call Pro Pacific Pest Control!

It is common to see swallows in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties throughout the year on overhangs or ledges of residential or commercial structures. There are 100 different species that belong to the swallow family, frequently called martins, mud swallows, or barn swallows.  A swallow is known for its rapid flight movements and slender body shape with forked or square tails. They nests in flocks and are often found in chimneys, barns, sheds, or under eaves or ledges.

When these birds are observed casually, they can be considered graceful, singing birds but when they nest on your property, many problems and significant damage can occur. Swallow droppings make for an unpleasant appearance around a property and can also speed deterioration to machinery and sidings and damage plants and crops.

Swallows do multiply rapidly and nest together in large flocks. As the colony grows, it is common for droppings, pieces of the nest, and feathers to fall into vents and drain pipes causing thousands of dollars in repair. Also, birds of the swallow family can spread diseases such as salmonella through droppings, nest materials and dead swallows.

If swallows are damaging your property and causing you problems, call Pro Pacific Pest Control at 800-901-1102 today for proven methods to exterminate the birds and keep them away forever.

How Can I Get Rid of Swallows?

Pro Pacific Pest Control offers live removals and clean up of nest and damage caused by the swallows. Our pest control technicians are trained to appropriately remove the nest from your property and accurately use preventative measures  so the birds will not come back.

Pro Pacific uses proofing techniques such as putting up netting and other block-out materials to prevent swallows from using your home or business as a nesting place.  Bird strips and bird wires are other forms of proofing your structure to guarantee a property free from damages caused by birds.

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