Privacy Policy

  1. Acceptance.
    This website, located at (“site”) is operated by Pro Pacific Pest Control, a company/business entity based in California (hereafter “we”, “our” or “us”). We respect user’s integrity and are committed to ensure their privacy. We have thus created this Privacy Policy to inform you as a website user (hereafter “You” or “your”) about our approach in the collection, use, retention, as well as disclosure personal information (together referred to as “processing”) obtained in relation to the use of this website. This policy also explains our data protection responsibilities and your rights and choices as per the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By using this website, you represent to us that you have read, understand and agree to our data processing approach including the use of cookies and similar technologies as outlined in this Policy. If do not agree with this Policy, you should not use this website. This Policy pertains to information processing as regards this website and does not apply to information processing done by third parties who are affiliated with us.
  2. Information collected: We collect information in two ways: (a) by receiving and strong information you directly provide to us as well as (b) by automatically tracking and registering data about how you interact with our website or services.
    1. Information you provide directly: To use our platform and related services, we will ask you to provide particular information which is required to access certain portions or features of the site, perform our legal and contractual duties or comply with applicable law. This includes:
      1. Account information: We may offer personalized services which access require processing of personal information. To access certain areas or functions of the site, you may be required to sign up and create a user account at the site by providing personal information  including for example full name, phone number, email address, home address. We need this information so that we can fulfil our goal to serve you as our customer and communicate with you. We will also require you to create a personal password. You must not reveal your password to anyone or permit anyone else to use it.
      2. Contact information. When you contact us by phone or e-mail, or when you participate in surveys, contests and giveaways, or subscribe to our newsletter, please be conscious of the fact that you may be giving us certain personal information.
      3. Reviews and testimonials. When you submit reviews, feedback or testimonials about our products or services, please note that you may be submitting personal information and we require that you take caution when doing so. Reviews, testimonials will be public and we advise you not to include any personal information in them
      4. Payment information. When you purchase goods and services on the site, we may ask you to provide credit or debit card information or other valid payment methods. This information includes your name, credit card number, CVV code, expiry date and billing address. If you enable autopay, payment information is collected and stored in our secure servers. This helps to facilitate smooth and convenient buying experience.
    2. Information collected automatically: We also collect information about users by automatically tracking and registering data about how you interact with our website or services. This information is often non-personal and is collected using cookies, Facebook Pixel, Google AdWords Remarketing and similar technologies. Automated information includes:
      1. Website usage information. Our website and certain third-party services used on the site automatically track and store information about how users interact with the site. Our cookies for example collect information about browser data, device data, pages or products viewed on the site, queries submitted on the site, date and time of your visit, user’s internet protocol address as well the site that referred the user to our website.
      2. Information from web tracking technologies. Google AdWords and Facebook remarketing pixels/tags also collect information about user’s device and behavior on the site. These services track information about user’s devices including device operating system and version as well user’s browser information (user agent/id). Facebook pixel tracks actions of users who arrive at the site via Facebook or other search engines so as to enhance the reach of our Facebook ads. AdWords Remarketing tags collect information about user interactions trough cookies. This information is used to show targeted ads to users across other websites based on their visit and actions on the site. To learn more about Google AdWords and Google behavioral advertising please visit and to learn more about Facebook pixels and interest-based advertising, please visit
      3. Information collected from third parties: In other cases we may acquire information about you from third parties especially if you have permitted third parties to disclose your information to other parties or where such third parties have a lawful reason to do so.
  3. Lawful grounds for processing personal information. When you sign up with us and agree to our Terms and Conditions, you are deemed to have entered into a binding legal agreement which gives us the right to process some of your personal information so as to provide services to you as our customer. Specifically, we will process personal data on the following grounds:
    1. Performance of Contract. We will collect and use personal data as necessary in order to fulfil any legal agreement between you and us or to execute your instructions before entering into a particular agreement. So long as you have a member account with us, we have a lawful ground to process your personal information as described below (see “How we Use Information”). If you want us to stop using this as basis to process your personal information, you can close your account at any time. In that case, you will not be able to access services for which your registration was required.
    2. Legal Compliance. Where applicable, we will collect, retain and/ or share information connected to the use of the site so as to fulfill any legal requirements imposed on us by applicable law.
    3. Your Consent: Some information such as registration information is only collected when you voluntarily and affirmatively choose to sign up and create a user account.
    4. Legitimate Interest. From time to time, we would like to send you information on offers, discounts and news about our products and services and we may use your phone number or email address to deliver such information. We will do this in our legitimate interest to develop and improve our services as well as on account of any existing customer relationship with you and where we believe you would reasonably expect such information from us. You have the right to object to direct marketing as explained below (see “Your Rights”).
  4. Cookies. We use cookies on this Site.  A cookie is a small file placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone by the website upon visiting it. Cookies do not gather personal information or install applications on user devices. We use cookies to remember user devices, actions and preferences on the site. Cookies makes it easier to navigate the site by remembering your actions and preferences including for example things you have placed in your shopping cart, language preferences or your log in information (password).  Cookies can be erased or blocked by configuring your browser settings.  If all cookies from this site are blocked, some features or functionality of the site may not work as expected.
  5. How we Use Information. We use your information to provide services or information under out terms of service, fulfil our contractual duties and other legal requirements imposed on by applicable laws as explained below:
    1. Provide access to our products and services. Your registration information is used to create your account and provide you access to some areas, features or services of the site which are otherwise not available to the public.
    2. Improve services. We love feedback. If you submit reviews or feedback, we will use to improve our services and practices. We use tracking information to analyse how fast the website loads, errors encountered by users when trying to navigate the site, popular pages on the site as well as to know how user hear or find us on the internet. This helps to improve the site’s design, appeal and functionality.
    3. Send product information and offers. We will use your contact information to send emails, make phone calls or deliver text messages about special offers, sale, discount, and news or site competitions. We will also use to handle customer service questions and requests and to notify about any changes to our terms of service, cookie or privacy policy.
    4. Make payments: We only store credit information when users enable autopay. Payment information is used to confirm your purchase orders, identity and, where relevant, home address. All payment information are encrypted and stored in our secure servers.
    5. Website safety and Legal compliance. We are responsible to make sure that the site is safe and secure for our users. To achieve this, we regularly monitor attempts to misuse the site and we may use information collected by so doing to protect the integrity of our website. If you engage or attempt to engage in spam, fraud, cyber-attacks or comparable illegal activities, we will collect information about you and your actions. We will use such information to enforce our terms of service including taking legal or administrative action. We may also use your information to fulfill other legal duties such VAT/sales tax reporting or audit purposes.
  6. How we Share Information.
    1. Our affiliates. At times, it may become necessary for us to share some information to our affiliates or, where applicable, subsidiaries and/parent company. If you transact with any of our affiliates, parent company or subsidiaries, certain personal information may be used by and shared among these companies to gain insight into which customers are in contact with them so to provide the best possible customer service and complete experience.
    2. Business partners: We may need to share your information to our partners if this is necessary for business related purposes or in accordance with data protection laws. For example, if you purchase services or products on the site, payment information entered on the site will be collected and used by payment processors (for example Paypal, Stripe, Vantiv,, etc.) so as to complete your transaction; website usage information (such as bug reports, errors, logs and statistics) may be shared to maintenance and support providers who work to improve our website; and, email service providers who assist us to send mass emails and text messages will have access to contact information. These parties must agree to protect information in line with this Policy.
    3. Release of information for legal reasons. In certain cases, we may be required to disclose personal information to relevant public authorities so as to comply with the law including for example where disclosure is obligatory for investigation, prosecution or prevention of crime.
    4. Business or asset transfer or sale. In the event of merger, acquisition or transfer of the whole or part of our business, the merged entity shall have access to information about our business or information which we have handled, which may include personal information. In this case, parties will reach an agreement to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal information.
    5. User submissions. If you post information (comment, review or testimonials) on the site, forum or other interactive functionality of the site, such information may be read and used by all parties who have access to the forum or site. Such information may be shared and used for purposes that neither us nor you have control over. We are not responsible for information that you make available in such forums or our website.
  7. International Data Transfers. Our services are based in the United States of America but we may also use third party services that located across the world. These services include our web hosting as well as email service providers. If you are based outside of the United States, this means your personal information as well as tracking information may be transferred, stored or used by other entities outside of your legal jurisdiction including outside of the EEA for the purpose of the EU GDPR compliance.  Where personal information is transferred outside of EEA, we will operate under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework as well as put in place data processing agreements with third parties so as to ensure protection of personal information and compliance with applicable privacy laws.
  8. Security of Your Information: We are responsible to ensure that processing of personal information submitted by you upon registration complies with applicable data and privacy protection laws and regulations. We maintain technical and organizational security measures so as to protect your personal information. We do not disclose information about you to third parties, except in those cases where disclosure is necessary so as to be able to fulfill our commitments to you or comply with the law. Please note that although we endeavor to protect personal information, our commitment should be interpreted as a warranty of data security. We shall not be liable for loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure, access or alteration of personal information which is not attributable to our negligence or willful misconduct.
  9. Information Retention: We will keep personal information and information about you for as long as needed to achieve our business undertakings as described below.
    1. Provide access to our services: We will retain information for as long need in order to provide access to services consistent with our Terms and Conditions.
    2. Marketing: We will keep data from cookies and web tracking technologies for up to 3 years. If have subscribed to our newsletter, we will keep related information for up to 5 years beginning from your most recent interaction with us.
    3. Customer service information. Information about complaints, enquiries and/or refunds, will be kept up to 5 years.
    4. Legal compliance: We may keep information for the duration permitted by the law or pursuant to any legal dispute or investigation.

    In keeping with our information retention procedures, we will discard all information which is no longer required for the performance of our services. If you close your account, we will delete your registration data. If you violate our terms of service, we may retain certain information such your email and/or IP address so as to enforce our terms of service and prevent you from using or misusing our services.

  10. Your Rights. You are responsible to ensure the accuracy of personal information you provide to us and to update it where such information is incomplete, out of date or inaccurate.  We may also assist to update your information if we are duly notified of the inaccuracies. Customers who reside in the European Economic Area (EEA) have the following rights:
    1. to request a register extract to see the categories and types of information collected about you;
    2. To require rectification of the information we process about you. You may also, at any time whatsoever edit or delete information on your account.
    3. Right to deletion of particular sets or types of information.
    4. Right to object to direct marketing at any time. If you do not want to receive marketing emails or messages from us, you can opt-out at any time by clicking on the opt-out/unsubscribe mechanism included in the email or message sent to you. You may also express your objection to direct marketing by sending us an email via the email address provided below.
    5. Right to restrict specific ways of processing of personal data.
    6. Right to complaint to the relevant data supervisory authority regarding our information processing activities.
    7. Right to transfer certain information to other data controllers (data portability).
    8. Right to withdraw consent at any time where processing is based on consent.
  11. Privacy Rights for California Residents. California privacy laws confer California residents with the right to request from entities doing business in California information about third parties to which personal information have been disclosed for direct marketing purposes and the nature of information which has been disclosed. The law waives this requirement for companies which uphold a privacy proving a mechanism to opt-out for use of personal information by third parties for the said marketing purposes. Since we provide a privacy policy and information on your rights and choices to opt-out of several uses of information including direct marketing purposes, we are not required by law to provide the list of third parties to whom we have or may disclose your information.
  12. Protection of Minors.
    We neither direct our services, site and advertising to children under the age of 13 nor willfully collect information from children under the age of 13 or equivalent age in other jurisdictions. If you think that your child has provided personal information to us and you would for such information to be expunged, please contact us via email or the contact form appearing on this website.
  13. Changes to this Policy: We may need to update this policy and policy regarding the use of cookies in order to accommodate changes in our information policies and procedures. Where we make serious changes, we will, before the updates becomes effective, notify you through the email you have provided at the time of registration, through notification on relevant pages of this website or by other means permitted by law. We advise you to check this site often and read the latest information concerning our privacy policies.
  14. Contact information: If you have questions or need information about how to exercise your rights under this policy, please send your inquiries or request to the following email address:

This Policy was last updated on August 2, 2018

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