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We had a great experience with Pro Pacific Pest Control! We had a big problem with fleas in our garage and house from two stray cats we adopted. My husband and I tried every kind of spray and bomb and could not get rid of those pesky little blood suckers. Pro Pacific sent someone out to do a free inspection and gave us an affordable quote. After two treatments I am glad to say we are flea free!! Thank you!

- Helen R.

I was exceedingly pleased with the professionalism of the technician and the wonderful job he did to rid my home of fleas. He explained the process to me thoroughly and I was so impressed that I did not seek other bids and immediately signed up for quarterly service. So far, I am flea free and very, very happy as I had spent a huge amount of money to try and accomplish this on my own. A very pleased customer.

- Carolin M.

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Pro Pacific Pest Control Can Get Rid of Fleas

The tiny flea has played a major role in World history, having helped spread the deadly plague and other diseases to people, causing millions of deaths. Today, fleas remain a major pest for residents of San Diego and southwest Riverside County. Besides causing irritating bites to people, fleas can pass infectious diseases.

If you need help getting rid of fleas from your home, call Pro Pacific Pest Control today at 800-901-1102. We have proven flea-control solutions that are guaranteed to work, or your money back!

How Can I Get Rid of Fleas?

Fleas, including the most common type known as the cat flea, most often come into a home on the back of a domesticated cat or dog. Once inside, fleas will quickly make themselves at home and being laying eggs in carpets, couches and other upholstery, rugs, bedding, and linens. In some cases, fleas will lay eggs in between planks of hardwood flooring or in landscaping.

Flea larvae mature at an incredibly fast rate, so a flea infestation can get out of hand very quickly. Don’t let a flea problem go untreated, since doing so can allow a relatively minor infestation to grow into a major problem in a matter of days.

An effective pest management plan to get rid of fleas includes the use of general insecticide products to eliminate the tiny pests and discourage them from returning. Proper bathing of household pets and trimming of landscaping may also help reduce the risks of fleas becoming a problem.

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