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I was very pleased with everyone. First, Ray Lopez, the technician who exterminated the bees, explained the process and why each step was necessary. I had done some research on the internet before calling Pro-Pacific, knowing they had experience in dealing with honey bees. So, understanding the process was not difficult. The second team a week later headed by Miguel Marquina and Javier was very professional. They explained every step of their removal of the hive, treatment of the hive area and did an excellent job of repairing the dry wall.

- Cliff U.

Before choosing Pro Pacific I had another company come to my home to get rid of the bees, but they came back in a couple weeks. I found Pro Pacific through Yelp and decided to give them a call based on their good reviews. They had someone come to my home to inspect the roof where the bees were coming from. The gentleman was very friendly and educated me on exactly why the bees were there and kept coming back. Overall I had a great experience with Pro Pacific. They made me feel at ease once their job was done highly recommend them.

- Marissa T.

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Bees Taking Over Your Property? Call Pro Pacific Pest Control!

If you live in Southern California – San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside area, you can expect that your home or other structure will get a bee hive about once every 15 years. You may get bees more or less often and you may never have a problem with bees. These common pests can cause serious property damage and pose a threat to public safety by stinging or harassing people and animals. They should not be taken lightly.

However, just because you have bees buzzing around your home or other structure does not necessarily mean you have an active bee hive. You may be looking at scout bees, which are sent out from a swarm to look for a new home for a hive. To the untrained eye, scout bees can look just like bees from an active hive. Bee control experts, however, can notice subtle differences in how the bees are behaving to tell whether the bees are scouting or if they are part of an active bee hive inside the structure.

If you do not take quick action to discourage the scouts from returning with tens of thousands of their fellow bees, there is a 50-50 chance that your home will be invaded soon by a swarm of aggressive bees, which can cause substantial damage to your property and pose a public safety risk. Scout bees typically scout out an area for about three days before moving the larger swarm in permanently. If you have had bees buzzing around the area for five days or longer, it is safe to assume that you are seeing bees from an active and growing hive, not just scout bees.

Bees vs. Wasps

Wasps are often improperly identified as bees, since they both share the signature yellow and black striped designs on their bodies. This misconception can cause problems when going forward with bee removal or extermination services. Wasps and honeybees have similarities, but with a few facts the difference between the two buzzing creatures can be easy to determine.

Wasps have a longer, slender body and they make their nests on the underside of eaves and awnings away from sunlight and rain. A wasp nest tends to look like globs of mud stuck under the eaves or inside walls of a structure. Honeybees, on the other hand, will find secluded, warm areas such as inside walls, attics, and chimneys in which to build sheets of honeycomb, which are made out of wax produced by the bees.

Bee Removal

Pro Pacific has a specialized service for bee removal services in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties for commercial and residential properties.  We have different methods and procedures to fit your needs so your homes and businesses will be free from bees and fortified against recurrence of bee invasions.

Our services include: Live Bee Removals, Bee Proofing, Bee Extermination, Honeycomb Removal and Repair, and Scout Bee Treatment.  Visit the Pro Pacific Bee Removal services page to learn more about the bee removal services we offer.

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