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Wasps are a common pest problem all over San Diego, Riverside and Orange County. Do not allow them to treat your home as their home. Pick a service below that works for you and your family.

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I loved the customer service Pro Pacific Pest Control offered. They replied by email, not only about my concern, but other services they offer. The young man that came to service my yard was very polite and was nice and thorough in explaining what he was going to do. He took down the wasp nests with a smile!

- Martha M.

Pro Pacific Pest Control is AWESOME! The field technicians and office staff are courteous, friendly, and professional. We had a problem with wasps finding their way into our kitchen. Hard to cook when you hear a buzzing noise by your ear… lol I called PPPC and they fixed our problem the next day and everyday thereafter! No more wasps in my kitchen! I have no complaints. … only praise! Thank you!

- Carrie B.


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Exterminate Wasps With Pro Pacific Pest Control

Wasps, which are also known as mud daubers or hornets in San Diego, Riverside & Orange County, can be a major problem for property owners. Although they are mostly non-aggressive unless they are provoked or otherwise disturbed, a swarm of wasps can inflict painful stings on people. Also, the nests the insects build on the sides of homes and other structures can be unsightly and messy to clean up and remove.

If you have a wasp, mud dauber, or hornet infestation, call Pro Pacific Pest Control today at 888-755-2847  for solutions guaranteed to exterminate the wasps effectively.

How Do I Know if I Have Wasps?

The easiest way to detect a wasp infestation is to see them buzzing around. Wasps appear similar to honeybees, but they are longer and more slender than bees. Paper wasps are the most common type of wasp found in Southern California.

Wasps generally build their nests on the bottom side of the eaves, soffits, and other unprotected areas of a structure. The small nests can appear like balls of mud tucked up underneath the eve. Hornets may be found burrowing in soft soil and mud daubers will attach mud nests to the sides of homes and occasionally inside wall voids as well.

When exterminating a paper wasp nest, it is important to kill all of the adult wasps. Otherwise, the remaining wasps will quickly rebuild the nest, which is why it is important to have an expert experienced in pest control for wasps.

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