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Pest Control for Spiders

Spiders are a common pest problem all over San Diego, Riverside and Orange County. Do not allow them to treat your home as their home. Pick a service below that works for you and your family.

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The staff are friendly and professional. I haven't had ant or black widow spider problems since they started.

- William M.

Nick was, as always, amazing and extremely thorough. We love Pro Pacific. We have not had a problem since starting with them three years ago. I give them the highest recommendation. In fact, they work with you to schedule and plan the appointments for your convenience, are more than happy to work you in earlier or later when needed and always do the job right. Nick takes a pole with a brush and goes around the entire house to clean any spider webs or messes he finds. Amazing company with the best integrity.

- Kathy B.

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Problems With Creepy Spiders? Call Pro Pacific For Help

Spiders are probably the second most common pest people complain about in their home. Only ants generate more calls to pest control companies, so controlling and getting rid of spiders is a common problem throughout San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. Spiders provide a vital service in nature by eliminating unwanted insects, but most people do not want them in their home, and for good reason. Spiders can inflict painful, even deadly bites on humans and leave sticky spider webs all over the house.

If you want professional extermination of spiders inside your home, call Pro Pacific Pest Control today at 888-755-2847 to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your spider control job.

How Can I Get Rid of Spiders?

The best way to exterminate and control spiders is to eliminate the insects that serve as their food source. While there are methods available to control spiders more directly, keeping spiders out of your house is nearly impossible if there are insects around for them to eat.

As part of a regular spider pest control service, a Pro Pacific Pest Control technician will dust and knock down any spider webs around the high profile areas of your home, such as doorways and the corners of ceilings. If you are having particular concerns about the spiders in your home, please ask the exterminator what other treatment options might be appropriate to get rid of spiders.

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