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Getting rid of bed bug infestations had always been a huge undertaking, with no real way to confidently predict the results of the treatment. This prolific pest had become immune to many different treatments, rendering many pesticides ineffective.

Further studies identified alternative methods to control these ubiquitous, invincible bed bug infestations occurring around the nation. Heat treatments and fumigations were introduced to limit the spread of this epidemic problem. Even canines were trained to sniff out a less obvious bed bug problem in a person’s home.

But it wasn’t until recently that pest control professionals could service a property knowing that the outcome would be successful.

Our successful treatments can be attributed to the product CIRKIL by Terramera.

Clients prefer this product because it is a botanical treatment that works, and we like it because it allows us to treat with confidence with minimal retreats.

But you may be wondering what makes this bed bug control product better than the rest? Or what is it made of? Well here is your answer.

Effective Against Pyrethroid Resistant Strains

CIRKIL provides a solution that has stumped pest control exterminators as of lately with the resurgence of bed bugs being resistant to pyrethroid insecticides. This product’s active ingredient includes cold pressed neem oil that exhibits a high efficacy. Independent studies have proven that the populations treated with CIRKIL are non-resistant to its active ingredients.

Kills Bed Bugs At All Stages Of Life Cycle

A common problem with previous treatments is that they were ineffective toward bed bug eggs. Adult bed bugs would be killed and it would appear that the problem was resolved. However, the eggs that were protected from insecticides via their encasement would eventually hatch – reestablishing the prolific pest problem. CIRKIL actually affects the physical structure of the egg, allowing the insecticide to reach and kill the egg. Treatments are effective for adults, nymphs, and their eggs.

Majority Of The Problem Is Gone With 24 Hrs.

CIRKIL has a high efficacy and works quickly to eliminate bed bug populations. Studies have indicated that direct treatment results in a 100% kill of all adult and nymph bed bugs within 8 hours. Other studies revealed the efficacy of the residues on a variety of surfaces (fabrics, mattresses, carpet). The results were that the residue treatments eliminated all adults and nymphs within 8 to 24 hours. Dry residue on a carpet surface took the longest amount of time to reach 100% mean percent mortality at a maximum time length of 24 hours. In all instances a huge decline of the population occurred within the first 8 hours.

Long Residual Effect To Prevent Reinfestations

To ensure that a bed bug problem does not return, CIRKIL offers a long residual effect that keeps killing for 2 to 3 weeks. You can expect the residual to be 100% effective against infestations for almost 2 weeks.

Vapor Is Not Toxic To People or Their Pets

Being that this product is a plant based insecticide, the vapors have no harmful effect on people and animals. On the same token, since it is botanical and contains the oil from neem tree nuts, there is a strong fragrance associated with the product – but nothing unbearable or that won’t dissipate.

Only 4 Hour Recommended Reentry Period

Unlike fumigations where losing access to your home or office for a couple days to a few days is common, Terramera recommends a 4 hour reentry period. You can quickly be back in the comfort of a home without having to worry about bed bugs crawling around only 4 hours after the application.

Our treatments have been 100% successful in getting rid of bed bug populations from homes, offices, and warehouses. If you need an effective bed bug control service that won’t disrupt your schedule, call us to schedule your appointment for service – and be on your way to no more bed bugs.

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