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Exterminating a trail of ants or a pack of rodents may not feel like you’re doing much for your home, but more to appease the annoyance factor of an infestation. However, home pest control does more for your home than you can imagine, including the need for frequent home improvement and repairs.

By getting rid of nuisance pests, not only are you preserving the aesthetics and foundation for your home but you’re eliminating any harmful health factors created from bugs and other pest creatures.

Some pest infestations you may be able to eliminate on your own using natural methods. But with almost all pest infestations, it’s imperative to take action early or the problem will grow to an unmanageable level, resulting in the need of a pest professional.

Easy Now, Difficult Later

Don’t delay inspecting or treating your home for pests, since pests can multiply rapidly within a matter of days. For example, a termite colony can grow into the millions over a few years, resulting in a much larger consumption of wood in comparison to an average colony. An average termite colony can consume a foot of a 2 by 4 board in about 6 months, depending on the size of the colony the rate can vary. Formosan termites can deteriorate a home more rapidly, so be sure to handle termite and other pest infestations promptly.

Just Because You Don’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There

Rodents are infamous for their messy habits of gnawing and leaving an abundance of droppings. But with their timid personality and stealthy nature, you may never see the culprit that leaves these unpleasant surprises. Rodents can definitely cause damage to your home. Grease marks on baseboards, droppings and urine littered throughout the insulation, and gnaw marks on rafters are a few of the issues that impact the preservation of your home.

Pay attention to the subtle signs of rodent problems. When you spot some of the above mentioned in your home, it didn’t just spontaneously appear, there is a rodent nearby – get rid of it.

Pest Control Starts With You

While professional control techniques can effectively remove a pest problem, it is a collaborative effort to prevent the return of pesky critters.

You probably know vacuuming, cleaning spills, and de-cluttering are strong methods to discourage attracting bugs, but an occasional deep cleaning is necessary. Food and spill residue from behind the oven and refrigerator are ideal place for insects and rats to comfortably retrieve food and liquids.

Inside your home is not the only area of concern. Secure trash receptacles to make it inaccessible to rodents and wildlife. Compost piles or fire wood stacks should be positioned away from your structure and window screens and weather stripping should be inspected for effectiveness.

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