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How Much Does It Cost For Rat Exterminator?

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We are often asked about the pricing schedule for a rodent control service. And the answer is: pricing varies on a couple of factors. These factors will be explained in detail so you have a better idea of what a rodent extermination service will cost.

Factor #1 – Severity of Rodent Infestation

The bigger the rat pack, the more equipment and man hours it will take to control the problem. Therefore, prices gradually increase as the number of rat traps needed to sufficiently capture the unwanted vermin on your property.

A bigger rodent problem also means that the infestation has existed on your property for an ample amount of time. One can assume that the clean-up of droppings after a severe rat infestation is necessary. Sanitation is an additional service that can be paired with a trapping service.

Trapping and Sanitation can both be completed at an affordable price and you can always request a free, no-obligation estimate.

Factor #2 – Location of the Rat Nest

The second factor of pricing depends on if the rodent problem is indoor or outdoor. Snap traps are used for indoor infestations while tamper-proof bait stations are effective for outdoor rats.

Bait stations can be an inexpensive route to prevent the rodents from entering your home and having to deal with Trapping and Sanitation services.

It is recommended to keep the bait stations in place as a monthly service. This will help reduce the rodent population surrounding your property and allow a rodent control specialist to check your property often for signs of rodents.

Free Estimates are provided for all our rodent control services.

Trapping – Traps are strategically set and positioned to provide instant results and a long-term solution.

Sanitation – Full waste clean-up service with insulation removal & replacement, if needed.

ProofingAll potential areas for rodents to enter your home are sealed with durable materials

Reduction – Bait stations are placed on the exterior of your property to reduce outdoor infestations.

Lifetime Rodent Protection – Combine Proofing and Reduction services for a lifetime rodent-free home.

Pricing for rat & mouse control services may vary but we will gladly inspect your home and provide a free, no-obligation estimate – Call today!


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