Is a California Black Widow Spider Dangerous?

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In California, there are two species of widow spider — the western black widow spider and the brown widow spider. There are far more black widows in San Diego, Riverside, Orange Counties, and throughout California. Of the two, the western black widow presents more harm as its bite is much more severe than those of brown widow spiders. How serious? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

A black widow’s bite used to be a life-menacing event. If it were the 1840s, a person bitten by a black widow would have to be transported by horse to get to a physician, without even any certainty upon arrival at the physician’s location that someone would be there to provide the treatment. Fast forward to date, we are now more capable of transporting patients to a hospital or clinic within minutes for treatment, not to mention the more modern medical infrastructure that can attend to such a life-threatening medical emergency. That’s why there are a few fatalities from black widow spider bites in California.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. Nothing has changed about black widow bites as they remain deadly and harmful. In fact, we serviced a household whose owner’s son got into the hospital because of a black widow bite. Watch the video testimonial.

You see, there’s no reason for you to ignore if you see signs of black widows at home. A black widow spider bite is venomous and can cause localized pain, resulting in symptoms like nausea, fever, body aches, stomach pain, and perspiration.

However, not all black widow bites end up bad. The aforementioned symptoms can only be experienced if the person bitten got too much venom from the spider. How do you know how much you got? Well, there’s really no way to tell. But, you can access the situation.

Black widow spiders bite and inject more venom if they feel threatened. In situations wherein you startle a black widow spider, it might respond with a warning bite. Although warning, it’s still painful but won’t likely result in any serious symptoms. But if you crawl into bed and trap the spider against the blanket, you’ll more likely get a much more powerful bite and worse symptoms.

So, where do you find black widow spiders the most? Black widows are reclusive, meaning they like to hide in dark, unoccupied spaces like attics, cellars, basements, and storage rooms. They can also be found in piles of wood in your yard where there are bugs they can feed on. You might not see them in your bedroom or dining area, but it’s still best to contact a pest control company if you happen to see a black widow or signs of their presence near you. Ultimately, you don’t want them around your kids and pets, so take the necessary precautions.

Black Widow Bite Prevention Tips

The last thing you want from black widows is to get bitten. Here are some tips to help you avoid their deadly bite:

  1. Be careful when going to dark, low-traffic areas at home like the basement or cellar, attic, and storage room. If it’s dark, bring a flashlight. Be cautious when picking boxes up. Black widow spiders like to weave webs between boxes to catch their prey.
  2. Jiggle things that have been barely touched before using them like shoes, blankets, and clothing. Black widows sometimes like to get cozy in these items.
  3. Wear gloves when doing yard work.
  4. Watch out when lifting objects, especially from piles of lumber, wood, and other organic materials where bugs are. Black widows feed on bugs, so they’re likely around too.

Seek Help from Spider Control Experts

Black widows are dangerous to humans. A black widow bite can hospitalize a person or worse cause death.

Pro Pacific Pest Control can help you get rid of black widow spiders at home. We offer QualityPro-certified spider control treatments to eliminate California black widows. Learn more about our Spider Control & Extermination Service in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Couty.

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