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Don’t let rodents take over your home!

If rats or mice have moved into your home or yard, you may be wondering what you can do to get rid of these pesky rodents. Mice and rats can chew through drywall, electrical wiring, insulation, plastic pipes, wood, and metal to establish a nest inside the walls of your home or in your attic. Once they have made themselves at home, these pests will breed and create dozens of offspring. In the yard, these rodents can quickly dig up and destroy lawns, gardens, and shrubs.

An effective way to keep rats, mice, and other rodents from gaining entry to your home or other structure is rodent proofing. Call us today at 888-755-BUGS to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your rodent proofing project.

What is Rodent Proofing?

Rodent proofing involves using wire mesh and other durable materials to seal all entries that rodents use to invade your home. Rodents can slip through even the smallest gaps without you even knowing it.  By sealing these holes, rats and other rodents will be unable to invade your home – leaving them to search elsewhere for nesting locations.

Another aspect of rodent proofing is identifying areas of your yard that may be contributing to a rodent problem. Overgrown trees that are touching your roof or sides of your home can provide rats, mice, and other rodents easy access to your structure. Piles of wood and other materials can be places where rodents set up nests. Bushes and shrubs that are not trimmed at least six inches from the sides of your home can give rodents a place to hide while entering your building.

A trained rodent proofing technician from Pro Pacific Pest Control can inspect your home and property and identify problem areas – For Free!

Keep Rats & Mice Our For Good – With Lifetime Guarantee Option

Combine a rodent proof with our rodent reduction program for a lifetime guarantee. You’ll be protected from rodent infestations for life. And in the unlikely situation rodents invade your home, we remove the problem promptly – No questions asked!

Start your complete protection package from rodents today. A rodent technician can provide a written estimate for your home today.

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