Termite Prevention Measures for New Construction in California 

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Constructing stick-built homes is like building a perfect ground for termite infestation. Such is the case for structures that have not been subjected to new construction termite treatments and built without termite-deterring construction practices. 

The good news is, there are many new and time-tested methods that you can use before and during the construction phase of your new home. Here are some termite prevention measures for your new construction projects:

1. Use termite-resistant materials

Choose construction materials that are naturally resistant to termites, such as pressure-treated wood or termite-resistant lumber. These materials can act as a barrier, making it harder for termites to infest.

2. Create physical barriers

Install physical barriers during construction, like stainless steel mesh or termite shields, to block termite access points. These barriers can be placed in areas where the structure comes into direct contact with the soil. 

3. Properly grade soil

Ensure proper grading and drainage around the foundation to prevent water accumulation. Termites are attracted to moisture, so keeping the soil around the building dry can help deter infestations.

4. Install a termite barrier

Consider installing a chemical termite barrier during construction. This involves applying termiticides to the soil before pouring the foundation. This creates a protective barrier that repels or kills termites attempting to enter the structure.

5. Keep wood above ground

Elevate wooden structures, such as decks or porches, above ground level. Avoid direct wood-to-soil contact, as this can provide a direct pathway for termites into the structure.

6. Ensure proper ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation in crawl spaces to reduce humidity levels. Termites thrive in humid conditions, so proper ventilation can make the environment less favorable for them. 

Preventing termites in new construction projects is crucial to avoid potential structural damage. By following these techniques, you can significantly reduce the risk of termite damage in your new construction project and ensure its long-term structural integrity. 

Remember, prevention is always cheaper and less disruptive than dealing with a full-blown termite infestation later. 

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