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Tips To Prevent Flea & Ticks On Pets & Properties

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Contrary to the popular belief, ticks & fleas are still a prevalent pest problem in the fall and winter months of San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County. You or your pets can be affected by these parasitic bugs year-round and will have difficulty handling the problem yourself without professional treatment.

As a responsible pet owner and sensible homeowner, you want include flea & tick prevention techniques into your routine to avoid dreaded infestations. Don’t let your home or pets be a host for these blood-sucking bugs. Here are some tips to prevent and identify potential tick & flea problems:

  • Inspect Pets – Thoroughly inspect your cat or dog for any signs of fleas or ticks. Signs include constant itching and numerous blood spots on skin. Check underneath hair for any visible bugs.
  • Apply Repellent Year-Round – Apply parasite repellents and products to pets year-round. Don’t stop in winter months.
  • Speak With Veterinarian – Consult your veterinarian for effective flea and tick control products
  • Flea Collars – Use flea collars for outdoor pets and clean bedding and play areas often
  • Clean Yards – Reduce leaf litter and tall grass in yard as these are common areas for bugs to hide
  • Thorough Inspections – Inspect your clothing and skin after walking through wooded areas or tall grass
  • Clean Pets Often – Wash pets often with shampoos that contain D-limonene and natural citrus extract
  • Vacuum – Vacuum regularly and throw the vacuum bag away always if pests are known to be present
  • Remove Potential Problems – Throw away pet bedding if your companion is hosting fleas or ticks

It is important have a preventative plan that deters fleas and ticks from being a parasite on you or your pet. Ticks are known to transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Fleas are the cause of tapeworms, skin irritation, and anemia in kittens and puppies.

Ensure that ticks and fleas stay away from your property with thoroughly inspections from pest control technicians. Pro Pacific Pest Control offers inspections that catch pest problems before they begin.

Contact our office if you notice a flea or tick infestation on your property. Effective Tick Pest Control, Flea Pest Control, & Free Estimates are offered!

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