5 Spiders That Resemble Black Widows

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Black widows are pretty common in California. They are easily distinguishable by their glossy-jet black color and a red or orange hourglass on the underside. However, black widows are often hard to identify, especially when they are young. And a lot of us confuse other spiders as black widows due to their almost similar colors and body markings, including these spiders:

1. Red Widow (Latrodectus bishop)

An adult female red widow is reddish-orange with their legs reddish and abdomen black or dark colored. Its abdomen typically has rows of orange or red spots outlined in yellow or white. Female red widows do not have a full hourglass shape on their abdomen’s underside. They typically have one or two small red spots that look almost triangular.

2. False Black Widow (Steatoda grossa)

Although they are free from red hourglass marking, their glossy chocolate brown color might come off to some as similar to young black widows. They share the same rounded abdomen and have similar techniques when making webs. Although the false black widow only bites when picked up, it does not deliver the same level of sting and venom as the real black widow does.

3. Noble False Widow Spider (Steatoda nobilis)

This spider is considered hard to find in the United States, but it surely can be found in California. The adult female noble false widow spider has a bulb-like abdomen just like other widow spiders. The difference is its brown color and cream-colored spots that resemble a skull. They rarely bite, but when they do, it might cause discomfort due to their large fangs.

4. Domestic House Spider (Tegenaria domestica)

Also known as the barn funnel weaver spider, this spider looks like the black widow. The adult domestic house spider has a reddish-brown and pale abdomen with freckles. The color of its body varies from gray-brown to dark brown with two dark stripes on the cephalothorax. It does not have an hourglass marking. The domestic house spider moves quickly but is never aggressive and most likely retreats when confronted.

5. Black House Spider (Badumna insignis)

This dark-colored spider is bigger than widow spiders. Both male and female black house spiders have dark brown legs. Their gray abdomen has light markings on top of the body. Black house spiders can bite when disturbed, but they are not aggressive at all.

Seek Help from Spider Control Experts

Even if these spiders are not as dangerous as black widows, they can be a nuisance, attracting more insects to your home.

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