A Bug-Free BBQ

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The countdown has begun! One of our favorite holidays has to be the Fourth of July! It’s a perfect time to spend with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and commemorating the birth of the nation. Many Americans choose to celebrate with pool parties, BBQs, and major events. But just like every other outdoor activity, Pests can strike without warning! Let’s face it, bugs are JUST AS American as mom, baseball, and apple pie… in fact, bugs are worldwide!!! This year, though, we’re going to help you avoid those flying,crawling, and squirming party crashers. Below are our top tips for having a bug-free Fourth!


1) Stay Away From Water

“One if by land, two if by sea!” doesn’t just apply to Paul Revere! Given the chance, insects will come from any direction possible… Land, sea or air! Stagnant bodies of water are particularly popular with insects… in fact, that’s where many insects breed and lay their eggs.

As picturesque as having your outing by the lake may seem, consider moving the festivities (or at least the food) a bit further away to cut down on insect presence.

Also, be sure to scout out the area before setting up. If you notice there there is already a heavy insect presence, then BY ALL MEANS don’t set up shop there! Remember, prevention is ALWAYS easier and far less hassle than dealing with it after the fact!!!


2) Cover Your Food

Let’s face it… in a lot of ways, insects are just like us… they love, love, LOVE sticky sweets. And with that fine spread out on the table (hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and cobblers), it acts like a big target sign to attract bugs looking for a meal. The best way to stop them? Cover up! Use Tupperware containers for an eco-friendly solution, or cover your food with plastic wrap or tinfoil.


3) Put the Off ON!

Bug repellent comes in many forms, most notably in lotions (or sprays) that you can apply directly to your skin. This is useful for kids especially, as they are often unaware of potential “bug zones” and these lotions may assist in providing a barrier as they play.

If you’re averse to the idea of putting repellent on your body, there are other methods available. Some people swear by pest repellent candles or citronella “torches.” Another alternative (and not quite so “eye-grabbing” is to use insect-repellent incense. Incense can come in the form of small sticks, or in a spiral shape that slowly burns down and repels most insects (notably mosquitoes).


4) Clean Up!

Just like setting up shop near a lake can be ideal, it can also be tempting to put the trash receptacle very close to the table or close to where everyone is congregating. After all, who wants to walk away from the action just to throw food away? Well, aside from obvious health concerns about having garbage in the midst of activities, the trash can also be a HUGE attractant to wayward insects. They just LOVE the smell of fresh food! Walk a few extra steps to throw away trash and it can help you eliminate the need to swat flies or wasps while eating!


Sure, these methods won’t guarantee 100% bug eradication, but they’ll definitely reduce the amount of unwelcome visitors at your Awesome 4th of July celebration! Have additional tips or tricks you’d like to share? How about a favorite BBQ recipe? Let us know in the comment section or Tweet us so we can share it with the Pro Pacific Community! Call us today for all your pest control needs!

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