Best Pest Control Methods To Keep Bugs Away For Outdoor Activities

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A manicured lawn, swept patio deck, cleaned pool, and a smoky barbecue pit sounds like a great recipe for a summer picnic. But the same elements that attract people will also attract pests and pests aren’t the guests you want to have at your summer get-together.

In San Diego & Riverside counties, the pests you’ll likely see during your outdoor activities include ants, wasps, roaches, and spiders. Fortunately, there are pest control methods you can do yourself to make your fun in the sun – Pest-Free!

Ants – the most common types of ants in Southern California are argentine ants, little black ants, and odorous house ants. Since ants are attracted to food particles and water, you’ll need to keep food covered in a secure container and water puddles cleared out. Keep all branches & shrubbery trimmed away from your home.

Wasps – These bugs are more aggressive than an ant and can sting multiple times unlike a bee. They are attracted to sugary items. To keep these stinging pests from coming to your summer party in San Diego, put all sugary drink in a covered pitcher and sweet foods in a airtight container. Inspect the eaves of your property for a wasp nest to locate the source of the wasp, if spotted call a pest control professional to remove the wasps.

Cockroaches – Probably one of the top pests that will make a person cringe. And while you probably won’t see them during a day picnic, this unsanitary bug can crawl at night all over the food items for your picnic the next day.

The best method to prevent roaches is to keep all areas of your home free from food that is not in a secure container. A roach will sense the food and be drawn in.

You can also inspect your home for small cracks and crevices and seal those areas so roaches can’t enter. If you are noticing plenty of roaches at nighttime, you should consider getting professional pest control service.

Spiders – Spiders can spoil a summer party and send your guests running. But you can easily prevent that by doing an inspection around the house for any cobwebs. In fact, with the bi-monthly pest control service a cobweb cleaning service is included so you’ll never have to worry about spiders again.

If you can’t seem to stop a pest from ruining your summer fun, contact Pro Pacific Pest Control for your solution to effectively remove bugs in San Diego and Riverside!

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