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Homeowners often ask about their pest control service harming outdoor pets, specifically canines. The answer is simply no.

The treatments used to eliminate insects are strong enough to take out a group of insects but not potent enough to harm people or animals – just insects.

The concentration levels of the pesticides that are applied are low – less than %1 of the volume.  It is commonly suggested by pest control companies that outdoor pets be kept indoors until the treated areas are dry, but the residual should not affect dogs or other pets.

Generally the treated areas will dry in about 1-2 hours after service. Then the dried pesticides residue will only have affect on the insects and bugs, not your dogs or cats.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides tons of useful information on pesticides and methods to protecting your family and pets.

Alternative Pest Control Options For Dogs & Other Pets

Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM) are becoming a more popular method implemented in pest control service. Pest control operators are more conscious of the effect pesticides can have on the environment and responding by minimizing the use of pesticides.

Alternative options like reducing the frequency of service treatments and installing pest proofing techniques that do not require the use of pesticides have contributed significantly to the “green” pest control movement.

Rodent proofs and bee proofs have become a popular choice with homeowners. These proofing services seal all cracks and crevices in your home so that penetrating your home is impossible for invading pests.

Live Bee Removal is also a common service used to remove bees from a property without a drop of pesticides. The bees are collected using a specialized bee-vacuum and then transported to a beekeeper.

Botanical pesticides can be used to control your pests but more frequent visits and foul odors deter homeowners from using this alternative option. Many property owners perceive botanical pesticides to be ineffective. However, it is not that botanical treatments are ineffective – it’s that they require much more work at a higher cost to maintain.

The best strategy to prevent illness to pets that contact pest control treatments is to keep them off treated surfaces until the treatment dries – usually 1-2 hours.

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