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There are about four thousand different types of cockroaches that inhabit the Earth, but only three of these types would likely infest a home in San Diego County (Chula Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside). Once they have established their nest, they will be difficult to remove. Calling a local pest control company for roach control treatment will be necessary to eradicate.

Although, these pests are hardly a threat to your home, they can be unpleasant and irritating as their population multiplies. It can also be embarrassing to invite guests over only for them to spot numerous roaches crawling across your floors and countertops.

Roaches are often associated with being dirty and only living in dirty environments. However, roaches will live practically anywhere but unclean areas and clutter allow roaches to thrive.  So, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to make their home a difficult spot to live for pests.

Here are the three types of roaches you should be protecting your home from:

American Cockroach- an insect with a reddish brown body with a beige stripe on the head. They can grow up to 25mm and live for about one & a half years. Generally this pest will congregate in large numbers in a concentrated area. Kitchens, sinks, and garages are the most common areas.

German Cockroach- The maximum length of this roach is 15 mm and can have either a brown or tan body. Also, the population of this roach can grow quickly with 30 to 40 in each incubation period of 30 days. And the expected lifetime for a German cockroach is 6 months. So, you can calculate that one roach can produce 30,000 in just one year (Eeek!).

Oriental Cockroach- A roach that can grow to about 25mm in length at maturity and have a dark brown to black body. They are also known as waterbugs since they prefer dark, humid areas to live. Common areas that they are spotted include underneath sinks, damp mulch, and cellars. Oriental cockroaches live for up to 2 years.

Having roaches in your home has been known to cause allergies and asthma from dust particles of roach exoskeletons and droppings. Get rid of roaches today to prevent health problems and letting the roach population grow in your home. Pro Pacific Pest Control offers free inspection & estimates on roach control jobs in San Diego County (La Mesa, Poway, San Marcos). Be roach-free today!

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