Prevention Tips to Thwart Pest Invasions

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After a long day’s work, it can be tempting to crawl into bed; burrow under the covers, and relax. However, there are plenty of rodents and insects out there ready to do the same – in your home!

Rodents, raccoons, and other pests spend their days foraging for food. This means weathering potential predators, harsh environments, and even long treks to get enough food for themselves (AND any offspring). No wonder they share the same sentiments that we do at the end of the day! It’s common for these pests to look for a nice, warm, dry space that provides plenty of relative safety. Unfortunately, YOUR attic is one of the best spots they can choose!

Attic invasions can become a structural or health hazard… or both. Pests often carry lice, ticks, and other unwanted “hitchhikers.” Sometimes they can carry infectious diseases, such as rabies.

So how do you keep your home safe?

The best method is an ongoing professional pest control service. Professional Escondido pest control technicians know exactly what to look for in order to discourage any infestations.

But there ARE steps that YOU can take to prevent infestations, as well.

1). Do a thorough inspection of your home.

Look for holes in the walls or window screening. Check for cracks or gaps in doorways. Pests can enter the home through a surprisingly small space. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, while a raccoon can squeeze through a gap of six inches.

2). Seal any gaps

Use caulking, weather stripping, or door sweeps. Replace screens with tears or holes. Make sure that any under-the-house crawlspaces are protected with plastic lining.

3). Check your work

Be sure to double check repairs or improvements to your home as they are made. Many times pests are able to gain access after a new appliance (such as a refrigerator or a dishwasher) is installed. Most contractors do their best to seal up any modifications, but trouble spots are sometimes missed.


Observation is an important defence. Primarily locating potential entry points can go a long way to deterrence. If you DO notice pests or hear scratching and noises in your attic don’t ignore them. Call a professional pest control service to eradicate any existing infestation and to prevent new ones from occurring.

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